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Costa Rica: Equal Marriage Will Be Allowed From 2020

  • Costa Ricans will have access to equal marriage from May 2020.

    Costa Ricans will have access to equal marriage from May 2020. | Photo: Reuters

Published 27 November 2018

The Costa Rican Constitutional Chamber has legalized same-sex marriage which will be implemented from May 2020 in the country. 

The Constitutional Chamber of Costa Rica announced Monday that same-sex partners can legally marry in the country from May 26, 2020, as published by La Gaceta, the official gazette of the country and the Judicial Bulletin.


Costa Rica Supreme Court Backs Alvarado's Controversial Reform

The operative part of the ruling was published by the Constitutional Chamber on Aug. 9, and on Nov. 14. The full text was published Monday.

Section 6 of article 14 of the Family Code which prohibits same-sex marriage, and article 242 that says marriages are only between men and women. were all declared unconstitutional by the top court. 

"On May 26, 2020, equal marriage will come into force in Costa Rica. It will be a Tuesday. Just the anteroom to celebrate the month of LGBTI pride in June. We will reach the Bicentennial era being a more dignified and more egalitarian country, "said LGBTI Affairs Commissioner Luis Salazar.

President of Costa Rica Carlos Alvarado Quesada tweeted, “I have coordinated with the @imprenal_cr (National Printing of Costa Rica). The ruling on the equal marriage of the Constitutional Chamber will be published in the Judicial Bulletin No. 219 of Monday, November 26 of this year. It is only a matter of time before full equality of rights becomes a reality.”

The adoption of equal marriage came after an advisory opinion issued by the Inter-American Court of Human Rights which said the countries party to the American Convention on Human Rights should allow same-sex couples access to existing legal entities, including marriage.

The 18 month period has been given by the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court for the Costa Rican Congress to make necessary modifications for the ruling to take place.

The representative of the Diversity Movement organization, Geovanny Delgado, said in a statement that "a new page is being written for the history of Costa Rica and for human rights in Central America".

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