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Colombian Ministry Requests Extradition Against ELN Leaders

  • A commander of the National Liberation Army (ELN) in the northwestern jungles in Colombia, August 30, 2017.

    A commander of the National Liberation Army (ELN) in the northwestern jungles in Colombia, August 30, 2017. | Photo: Reuters

Published 14 February 2018

As for Chief ELN Negotiator Pablo Beltran, he is still allowed to remain in the Ecuadorean capital for the moment.

Colombia's Attorney General Office reactivated the extradition orders against ELN four leaders: Antonio García, Gabino, Pablito and Ramiro Vargas, only excluding Pablo Beltran for his role as a Chief Negotiator during the peace talks with the government.

Colombia Requests Interpol Arrest Warrants for ELN Leaders

They are accused of terrorist attacks during the ceasefire, of murdering three former FARC members in La Florida, province of Nariño, of recruiting 45 indigenous minors from the Urubata and Kipara Embera Katío communities in the province of El Chota.

On Monday, the Office once again issued arrest warrants against them, which had been suspended until the peace negotiations carried out in Quito, Ecuador, failed. 12 more members of the National Liberation Army, or ELN, are facing arrest warrants.

As for Pablo Beltran, he is still being allowed to remain in the Ecuadorean capital for the moment.

The day before, Colombia's attorney general requested that Interpol issue red-notice arrest warrants for ELN's commanders and other members of the guerrilla group.

Talks between the ELN and the Colombian government started in February 2017 with the support of Ecuador, Brazil, Cuba, Chile, Norway and Venezuela, among other countries.

Despite international support, the negotiations were suspended on Jan. 29 after ELN rebels attacked three police stations, killing seven people and injuring at least 40 more.

Since then, the Catholic church, the National Network of Citizen Initiatives for Peace and Against War (Redepaz), and lawmakers have voiced their support for re-establishing the peace talks.

However, talks with the ELN and the peace agreement struck with FARC have been used by supporters of former president Alvaro Uribe to attack President Juan Manuel Santos' government for bowing to rebel pressure.

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