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Colombian Activists, Legislators Present Bill to Ban Fracking

  • Promoters for the bill noted that while it was presented in Congress it snowed in the Cocuy national park.

    Promoters for the bill noted that while it was presented in Congress it snowed in the Cocuy national park. | Photo: Twitter / @CesarPachonAgro

Published 2 August 2018

Colombia Free from Fracking Alliance and legislators from all parties, expect ruling Democratic Center, support the bill.

The Colombia Free from Fracking Alliance and legislators presented a bill to ban fracking across the country and begin a 15-year transition to end the use of fossil fuels Wednesday, the same day Indigenous peoples celebrate Pachamama Day.


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The alliance brings together over 100 organizations and academics, including unionized workers, environmentalists, and Campesinos who defend the environment, territories, and communities nationwide.

The bill to prohibit the exploration and exploitation of “unconventional deposits” recognized the adverse effects fracking has on human health and its links to socio-environmental and territorial conflicts.

According to the bill’s authors, the proposal would create a framework for Colombia to follow in the steps of countries such as Germany, France, Ireland and Uruguay that have banned fracking due to its high environmental and social cost.

The proposed bill was promoted by legislators Angelica Lozano of the Green Alliance, Gustavo Petro of Humane Colombia, Luciano Grisales and Juan Luis Castro of the Liberal party, and David Racero of the Decent list.

However, members of all other parties, except the ruling Democratic Center, supported the bill.

During a press conference, spokespeople for the Alliance and several legislators said “we are united by the defense of water, of life, of ecosystems. Given the scientific evidence that shows the negative impacts that fracking has had on the environment, health, and the communities we issue a call to the government of president-elect Ivan Duque to apply the precautionary principle and to ban the development of these types of projects in the country. ”

Katherin Miranda, Green Alliance member of the house of representatives, said: “for the lives of social leaders who defend the water and the intervention of fracking in Cesar, Boyaca, and other regions of our country we present this bill so Colombia can be free from fracking.”

Over 70,000 people have signed a petition to ban fracking in Colombia. 

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