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Colombia: Rescuers Continue Working to Save Four Trapped Miners

  • Rescuers outside a collapsed coal mine, Sagamoso, Colombia, August 11, 2020.

    Rescuers outside a collapsed coal mine, Sagamoso, Colombia, August 11, 2020. | Photo: Twitter/ @Boyacaaldia89_1

Published 12 August 2020

An access to the sinkhole at the Rio Chiquito coal mine collapsed nearly a week ago.

The National Mining Agency (ANM) Tuesday reported that rescuers managed to reach the place where the victims of the collapsed coal mine in Morca village should be.


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Six days ago, four people were trapped inside the mine after the access tunnel to the Rio Chiquito coal mine collapsed.

Since the miners have not been contacted, their health status is still unknown. The trapped workers are Luz Bonilla (58), Francisco Cuadros, Javier Lemus (31), and Remigio Gutierrez (36).

While the ANM leads the search and rescue efforts, the National Police (PNC), the army and the Red Cross are also helping to remove at least 300 tons of rock to get to the point where the miners could be.

“The protocol to save these workers is ready,” the ANM reported, adding that the rescue team has advanced approximately 13 meters through the most difficult part and reached almost half of the distance to the site where the workers are.

“The mine collapsed. It is very difficult to work in this mine due to poor transport systems, inadequate ventilation, and instability. It was a lot of material that fell down,” ANM spokeswoman Catalina Gheorghe said.

“Men from all over Boyaca have come offering their help ... These heroes work 24 hours a day,” Sagamoso Mayor Rigoberto Alfonso said.

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