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China Wants 'Constructive' Help For Venezuela

  • Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi in Beijing, China Dec. 5, 2016.

    Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi in Beijing, China Dec. 5, 2016. | Photo: Reuters

Published 25 February 2019

Chinese foreign minister: Beijing opposes foreign interference in Venezuela's internal affairs or use of 'so-called 'humanitarian aid' for political aims.'

Chinese officials say they hope the international community can provide "constructive" help to Venezuela while respecting the country's sovereignty.

Venezuela Denounces 2nd False Flag Operation at Colombia Border

China "hopes the international community can provide constructive help to Venezuela under the precondition of respecting Venezuela's sovereignty," said Foreign Minister Wang Yi.

The comment was made Monday after two out of the four trucks with alleged "humanitarian aid" from USAID, which were trying to illegally enter Venezuela, were burned at the border between Venezuela and Colombia. The burning trucks were on the Colombian side of the Santander Bridge that links it to Venezuela where opposition members have been leading violent protests.

China hopes Venezuela can remain peaceful and calm, the Foreign Ministry said, and reiterated Beijing's opposition to foreign interference in Venezuela's internal affairs or the use of "so-called 'humanitarian aid' for political aims."

Yi added: "We again call on the government and opposition in Venezuela to seek a political resolution under the framework of the constitution and law, and call on the international community to do more that really benefits Venezuela's stability, economic development and improvement in livelihoods."

On Sunday, Venezuelan Minister of Communication and Information Jorge Rodriguez denounced Colombia’s part in the failed coup attempt orchestrated by the self-declared interim president Juan Guaido on Feb. 23 at the border bridge.

"Colombia is a country that is expert in false positives, we will show the tests. There was no intention of bringing humanitarian aid. What they were trying to do was to create aggression against a country that defends its sovereignty,” said the minister.

Just as the United States has tried to use economic warfare against China by lobbying heavy tariffs on billions of Chinese imports, the U.S. says it will continue to use sanctions against the oil-rich country of Venezuela. "There'll be a meeting of the Lima Group Monday, where further action will be contemplated. There are more sanctions to be had," U.S. State Secretary Mike Pompeo said Sunday in an interview with CNN.

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