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China Condemns Interventionist US Resolution on Venezuela at UN

  • Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang at a press conference in Beijing, China, Mar. 1, 2019.

    Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang at a press conference in Beijing, China, Mar. 1, 2019. | Photo: Reuters

Published 1 March 2019

The Asian country reaffirmed its support for Venezuela’s independence, sovereignty and stability.

Chinese Minister of Foreign Affairs Lu Kang defended Friday China's veto on the interventionist U.S.-drafted resolution before the United Nations Security Council, which called for new elections in Venezuela and recognition of Juan Guaido.

China Affirms Support for Venezuela, Condemns Sanctions

"Our basic starting point... is to uphold the U.N. Charter spirit and the basic norms governing international relations. [The solution] should be conducive to promoting the peaceful settlement of the Venezuelan issue and maintaining long-term peace and development in Latin America,” Kang said, adding that “China opposes interference in Venezuela's internal affairs by external forces and military intervention... the U.S. draft resolution put to vote was seriously inconsistent with China's principles and positions."

On Feb. 28, China and Russia vetoed the U.S.-drafted resolution on Venezuela, in a vote in which nine countries backed Washington’s plan, three rejected it and three others abstained.

The U.S. proposed "a peaceful political process" in Venezuela leading to "free, fair and credible" presidential elections, which implied that the 2018 Venezuelan elections, when Maduro was re-elected, were not fair and free. The U.S. also requested the U.N. Secretary General Antonio Guterres to use his "good offices" to ensure such electoral process.

A few minutes later, however, a Russian initiative, which advocated non-interference in Venezuela's affairs, was rejected by seven Council members, although it gathered the support of China, South Africa, and Guinea Equatorial.

In addition, in a call for the international community to choose peaceful and constructive solutions, China's Foreign Affairs Minister stated that his country supports Venezuela’s independence, sovereignty and stability.

"We hope that the international community will do things that are truly conducive to Venezuela's national stability, economic development and improvement of people's livelihood. On the premise of respecting Venezuela's sovereignty, to provide constructive assistance to Venezuela and push for an early and smooth settlement of relevant issues. Any action taken by the Security Council should be consistent with the above principled stance," Minister Kang added.

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