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Chilean Politician's Undeclared Foreign Assets Revealed

  • Chilean far right leader Jose Antonio Kast

    Chilean far right leader Jose Antonio Kast | Photo: Prensa Latina

Published 2 September 2019

The far-right candidate, noted for his xenophobia and ultra-nationalism, is being accused of being less than forthcoming about his finances.

Chilean far right-wing politician Jose Antonio Kast, president of the newly founded Republican Party, owns at least three companies abroad that he never declared, it was reported in Santiago on Monday.

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Several media outlets make reference to an extensive report published by La Tercera that details the assets of the former presidential candidate, according to which the politician, described by some as the Chilean Bolsonaro, established three anonymous corporations in Panama in 2003, when that country was considered a tax haven.

These three firms became the parent companies of family businesses the former congressman inherited, such as a restaurant chain and several agricultural industries and real estate firms.

The three foreign-based companies are used to avoid paying taxes in Chile, and Kast never declared them during his 16 years in Congress as a deputy of the right-wing Independent Democratic Union (UDI), nor during his presidential campaign in 2017.

Since January 2016, the law requires candidates to declare their assets abroad, Cambio21 notes.

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