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Chile Extends Curfew for 2nd Day in a Row, Starting 7pm

  • Chile Extends Curfew for 2nd Day in a Row, Starting 7pm

    | Photo: Reuters

Published 20 October 2019

Protesters are demanding an end to the right-wing ultra-capitalist economic model governing the country which was put in place by Chile's military dictator Augusto Pinochet. 

The military authorities in charge of security in Santiago extended Sunday the curfew measure in the metropolitan region of Santigo, which suspends the freedom of movement and assembly, following the protests ignited by the transport fare hike, which has now been canceled by the government. 

General Javier Iturriaga, appointed by President Sebastián Piñera to guard the capital in a state of emergency, said the curfew will extend from 7:00 p.m. local time on Sunday to 6:00 a.m. local time on Monday.

At least three people died after a supermarket in the Chilean capital Santiago was set alight by demonstrators, while many flights into the city's airport were suspended.

Santiago and other Chilean cities have been engulfed by several days of rioting as protests over an increase in public transport costs prompted President Sebastian Pinera to declare a state of emergency.

The subway fare protests also reflect overall public resentment against right-wing President Piñera and his administration that, in March 2018 announced it was setting out to cut government expenditures by as much as US$500 million over four years.

A poll released Oct. 7 by Cadem Chile revealed that 53 percent of Chileans disapprove of Piñera's management of the government and 73 percent believe that the country's economy is stagnant or falling. 

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