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Caracas Court Orders Arrest of Opposition Leader Leopoldo Lopez

  • Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido with Leopoldo Lopez in Caracas, Venezuela April 30, 201

    Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido with Leopoldo Lopez in Caracas, Venezuela April 30, 201 | Photo: Reuters

Published 2 May 2019

Opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez ordered arrested for violating his 14-year sentence and corrdinating Tuesday's failed coup. 

The Fifth Court of the Criminal Judicial District of ​​Caracas has ordered the arrest of Venezuelan opposition activist Leopoldo Lopez for violating his 13-year house arrest sentence while he tried to lead a coup of the Venezuelan government under Nicolas Maduro April 30.

Venezuelan Opposition Leader Leopoldo Lopez Moves to Spanish Embassy

The Bolivarian National Intelligence Service (Sebin) was ordered to arrest Lopez for violating his initial house arrest of 13 years, of which he has only served approximately five, to help carry out Tuesday's coup attempt of the Venezuelan government.

The Caracas court is ordering Lopez to carry out the remainder of his sentence in the Ramo Verde National Military Center.  

Lopez also violated his original sentence by talking to the media during Tuesday's failed overthrow.

The 48-year old politician was a leading figure in the 2014 far-right violent demonstrations against President Maduro. He was sentenced in 2015 for inciting violence and killings during the protests. Lopez was initially sentenced to carry out his sentence in prison, but was later released to house arrest in 2017.

The opposition leader was illegally freed Tuesday and was seen at Altimira highway meeting with the self-declared interim president Juan Guaido and the 30-40 defected soldiers. That evening, Lopez entered the Chilean embassy in Caracas, but later moved to the Spanish embassy where he remains.

teleSUR correspondents in Caracas are on standby in front of the Spanish embassy to deliver further information. 

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