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Brazil's Police Has Corruption Evidence Against President Temer

  • Brazil's President Michel Temer smiles and waves after issuing two decrees.

    Brazil's President Michel Temer smiles and waves after issuing two decrees. | Photo: Reuters

Published 1 July 2018

An investigation was initially opened on September 2017.

The Federal Police of Brazil (PFB) announced that it has evidence that incriminates the unelected President of Brazil, Michel Temer, with a corruption network involving the architecture and engineering firm Argeplan, according to a report sent to the Federal Supreme Court of Brazil.

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“Recovered elements show that Argeplan and its financial and managerial structure was placed several times at the service of public and private demands of his Excellency the President Michel Temer,” Cleyber Malta Lopes of the Federal Police said.

Argeplan belongs to Joao Batista Lima, the former coronal of the Federal Police and a personal friend of Temer. The evidence is related to fraudulent activities related to a decree signed in May 2017 to give benefits to the port sector.

An investigation was initially opened in September 2017 to determine if Temer received undue advantage from the decree, but the police have delayed completion of the analysis. A deadline for the investigation was set for the first week of July, but the Police submitted a request for more time.

The Federal Supreme Court has given the investigative body of the Federal Police 60 days to formalize the evidence that could incriminate the president for corruption.

It is unclear whether such evidence would lead to prosecution, as Temer already has several complaints filed against him for money laundering and passive corruption, which have been continuously delayed or dismissed.

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