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Brazil's Largest Network O Globo Attacks Lula for Rejecting House Arrest

  • Demonstration in support of Lula da Silva in Aparecida do Norte, Brazil, Sep. 29, 2019.

    Demonstration in support of Lula da Silva in Aparecida do Norte, Brazil, Sep. 29, 2019. | Photo: Twitter/ @LulaOficial

Published 2 October 2019

O Globo seems to want the Leftist president to go free to avoid major political scandals.

In an editorial published Wednesday, Brazil's largest private media network, the right-wing media network O Globo, opened a new front against former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva criticizing him for refusing to accept the "semi-open regime" which would allow him to get out of jail immediately.


Lula's Letter to Brazil's People: I Won't Bargain my Freedom

The Workers' Party leader has indicated that he would not exchange his dignity for freedom granted through administrative means.

Instead of accepting this "gift," which the Brazilian ruling elite wants to grant to Lula due to the growing controversies surrounding his conviction, the leftist political prisoner said he will remain in jail until justice is done properly.

"On Wednesday O Globo unveiled itself as the main pillar of an ongoing coup against Brazilian democracy which has had three stages: the illegal expulsion of former President Dilma Rousseff, the arrest of former President Lula, which was carried out without any evidence, and the withdrawal of his political rights," local media Brasil 247 commented.

"Free our Lula. The situation is already shameful. Lula's arrest represents a true class struggle. Lula's freedom is not a man's freedom but people's freedom!!! Free Lula."

In its editorial O Globo ignores The Intercept leaks which showed that former Judge Sergio Moro acted in collusion with other members of the Brazilian justice system to secure a conviction against Lula.

The editorial by Brazil's biggest media conglomerate made no mention of further leaks which showed that Lula was the subject of investigations carried out contrary to the country's laws.

Instead, legal experts and Lula's supporters say that the former leftist president was a victim of a legal witchhunt against him.​​​​​​ in what has been dubbed as "lawfare".

Vices of the legal process would not seem to matter to O Globo, which paradoxically "blames Lula's prison on his own lawyers because they adopted a 'political attitude'," Brazil 247 said.

While Brazilian mainstream media tries to adopt a more prudent position in this endless lawfare, President Jair Bolsonaro said that if Lula wants to stay in jail, then let him stay there.

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