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Brazil’s Communist Party Selects 2018 Presidential Candidate

  • Congresswoman and member of the Communist Party of Brazil, Manuela D'Avila.

    Congresswoman and member of the Communist Party of Brazil, Manuela D'Avila. | Photo: Assembleia Legislativa Estado do Rio Grande do Sul

Published 8 November 2017

Manuela D'Avila said she hopes to unite and strengthen Brazil's left against President Michel Temer's government.

The Communist Party of Brazil, PCdoB, has selected Rio Grande do Sul congresswoman Manuela D'Avila as its 2018 presidential candidate.

Brazil: A New Left Candidate Enters the Presidential Fray

PCdoB President Luciana Santos, who also serves as a state congresswoman representing Pernambuco, said D'Avila's nomination is aimed at producing progressive policies to combat multiple crises affecting Brazil, Rede Brasil Atual reported.

“We're going to hold a (political) work session to understand what we'll accumulate during the process and see what's the best strategy,” Santos said. She added that the main goal is for a fortified, progressive politician to win next year's presidential election.

"From there," she said, "we'll have an idea concerning the best strategy to pursue.”

Santos compared D'Avila's presidential candidacy to Ciro Gomes, vice-president of the Democratic Labor Party, saying that despite his presence in a vying political party, he contributes to the realization of progressive policies.

"There are situations that, in order for our political camp to win, many times, more than one candidate helps," she added.

D'Avila has been a congresswoman since 2007 and served as a councilwoman for the city of Porto Alegre from 2005 to 2008.

Since 1989, a period spanning seven presidential elections, the party has been an integral member of the political coalition headed by the Worker's Party, known locally as the PT. The PCdoB hasn't launched an independent candidate for president in over seven decades. 

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