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Brazil Still Does Not Know Who Ordered Marielle Franco's Murder

  • Marielle Franco, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

    Marielle Franco, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. | Photo: Twitter/ @MatutoRaony

Published 8 December 2020

After 1,000 days, the Brazilian justice keeps in reserve details about investigations that involve political elites in her assassination.

Clock alarms sounded in unison in Rio de Janeiro on Tuesday to "wake up" a judicial system that has not yet resolved the death of Marielle Franco, a leftist councilor and gender activist who was brutally shot to death 1,000 days ago.


Google Must Share Data Related To Marielle Franco Murder Case

At the exact moment when the clock struck 8 a.m. local time, 550 alarms sounded in front of the Rio Municipal Council in a symbolic act organized by Amnesty International and the Marielle Franco Institute.

Meanwhile, human rights defenders also called on the Brazilian population to "wake up Justice" from home and to spread the protest through social networks.

The expressions of affection in memory of the socialist councilor were made throughout the country with acts such as placing photos, flowers, and banners in public places.

The meme reads, "1,000 days without knowing why Bolsonaro's neighbor came to his house (house 58) and then he assassinated Councilor Marielle Franco. 1,000 days waiting for an answer: Who ordered Bolsonaro's neighbor to kill Marielle?"

Marielle Franco, a black woman who was raised in the Mare shantytown, fearlessly raised her voice to denounce abuses by authorities and police.

Besides yielding few concrete results, official investigations into her murder have been slow and remained secretive from authorities.

A year after her death, two former policemen, who had relations with Rio de Janeiro's far-right militias, were captured and accused of being the material authors of the crime.

One of those involved in the Franco murder is Elcio Queiroz, who allegedly visited President Jair Bolsonaro’s house a few hours before the murder.

“The president's relationship with the paramilitaries in Rio de Janeiro became clear from the first reports and arrests. Starting with the arrest of Ronnie Lessa, who was Bolsonaro's neighbor,” Brasil de Fato recalled.

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