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Brazil: Israel's Netanyahu Arrives for Bolsonaro's Inauguration

  • Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem, Oct. 14, 2018.

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem, Oct. 14, 2018. | Photo: Reuters

Published 28 December 2018

Benjamin Netanyahu seeks to consolidate a relationship with Brazil that is favorable to Israel's interests in the region.

The head of Israel's government, Benjamin Netanyahu, traveled to Brazil to attend the inauguration of President-elect Jair Bolsonaro, during the first visit of an Israeli prime minister (PM) to the South American country.

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Before boarding the plane, Netanyahu said that Brazil has "enormous potential for the State of Israel, both in the economic sphere and in security and politics."

Such an assessment is based on the fact that Bolsonaro promised shortly after being elected, last October, to move Brazil's embassy to Jerusalem, an action that contradicts the vast majority of nations which still have embassies in Tel Aviv.

"Israel is a sovereign country and we must respect that absolutely," the Brazilian president tweeted, at the time.

At the last weekly meeting of the Israeli cabinet before the trip, Netanyahu referred to the economic expectations of his five-day visit.

"Brazil is a huge market, almost 250 million people, the opening of this gigantic market will create new jobs in Israel and will greatly help the Israeli economy," Netanyahu remarked.

From the diplomatic point of view, the Israeli prime minister expects "a turn in Israeli relations with the largest country in Latin America."

During his stay in Brasilia, Netanyahu will also meet with the Secretary of State of the United States, Mike Pompeo. 

Through his twitter account, the Israeli PM also indicated that he will meet with Bolsonaro’s ministers of defense, finance and foreign affairs.

Analysts expect that the meetings will strengthen alliances among conservative forces at the international level, although details of the meetings are yet to be disclosed.

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