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Day After His Arrest Sought, Brazil Ethics Board Seeks Reduced Sentence for Suspended Cunha

  • Cunha (R) greets president of ethics committee during his defense, in Brasilia

    Cunha (R) greets president of ethics committee during his defense, in Brasilia | Photo: Reuters

Published 8 June 2016

Cunha, a main mover of the parliamentary coup against Dilma Rousseff, was suspended as head of the Lower House for corruption.

The Ethics Committee of the Lower House of Brazil suspended the session to analyze and determine a lower sentence for the political trial against former Lower House President, Eduardo Cunha.

Political Crisis in Brazil: There Is No Light at the End of the Tunnel

According to teleSUR’s correspondent in Brazil, Adriana Robreño, committee head Jose Carlos Araujo was set to rule whether Cunha could continue his term in office.

He is accused of taking US$5 million in bribes to secure contracts with the state-run oil company, Petrobras, and hide the money in Swiss banks. Cunha already had a hearing at the same committee to defend himself after a Swiss bank confirmed his offshore account. He was subsequently suspended for lying to the committee.

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Cunha was also suspended by the country's Supreme Court over allegations he was using his position to obstruct an investigation into possible improprieties, days before he succesfully promoted an impeachment against President Dilma Rousseff.

​​​​​​​Swiss Officials Confirm Brazil's Eduardo Cunha's Bank Accounts​​​​​​​

Cunha is part of the Brazilian Democratic Movement Party, whose head Michel Temer was installed as interim president following the coup against Rousseff. Temer has been accused of bribery, although he has managed to being investigated.

The ruling has been postponed several times, as some member of the Lower House have tried to prevent the Parliamentary Commission hearing.

Brazilian police have determined that the Petrobras corruption scheme involved more than US$4 billion.

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