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Bolivia's Infant Mortality Rate Significantly Reduced by 56%

  •  Since 2009, government health programs have benefited over 700,000 women and their children.

    Since 2009, government health programs have benefited over 700,000 women and their children. | Photo: Twitter / @SaveChildrenLAC

Published 19 January 2018

According to Bolivia's Health Ministry the sharp decrease is due to social policies and a conditional cash transfer program.  

Bolivia's Health Minister Ariana Campero announced a 56 percent reduction in infant mortality rate during an event Thursday in which 180 community doctors received laptops. According to the country's Health Ministry this milestone is directly linked to one of the socialist government's social programs called "Bono Juana Azurduy."

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The health minister said that over the period between 2008 and 2016 infants deaths were reduced from 54 to 24 for every 1000 newborn. Campero praised Bolivia’s President Evo Morales social policies as part of the “process of change.”

Since Evo rose to power in 2006, Bolivia has reduced extreme poverty by 50 percent, lifting 2 million people out of extreme poverty.

Bolivia’s economy has also maintained a steady growth, driven in part by the expansion of domestic demand, as more Bolivians gain purchasing power.   

The 2016 Demographic and Health Survey shows that since 2003 the country prevented the deaths of 7,788 children under the age of one. The "Bono Juana Azurduy" program has allowed the Bolivian state to provide remote areas with healthcare thanks to the community doctors that work within the program.

Campero also highlighted the reduction by 50 percent of chronic malnutrition in children under five. Since 2009 when the the program was implemented, it has benefitted over 700,000 women and their children through a US$260 cash transfer, mandatory and free medical attention and prenatal control, and a high-nutritional food package.

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