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Bolivia and China Sign Bilateral Cooperation Agreement

  • Bilateral meeting between China and Bolivia, April 23 2019.

    Bilateral meeting between China and Bolivia, April 23 2019. | Photo: Twitter @MRE_Bolivia

Published 24 April 2019

Bolivia and China reinforced bilateral ties as part of a South-South collaboration.

Bolivia and China have signed a memorandum of understanding to begin crafting a an accord aimed at strengthening investment and economic cooperation between the two countries, wrote the Bolivian Foreign Ministry on its Twitter account Tuesday.

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The meeting took place in the Chinese capital of Beijing where the Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade of Bolivia, Benjamin Blanco, met with his China counterpart, Wang Shouwen to review the trade agendas and interests of both countries.

Bolivia and China say they will are looking for ways to work together on sustainable development projects and announced they signed a memorandum in water resource management. 

#Today | Bolivia and China signed the Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministry of Environment and Water of Bolivia and the Ministry of Water Resources of China to collaborate in water resource management. The Ministers sign @DiegoPary and E Jinping @EFE

The Bolivian foreign minister announced he was expecting to increase exports of the country's key agricultural products, including organic quinoa, nuts, coffee, and soybeans while awaiting the final negotiations for the entry of beef into that market.

China also said it was interested in importing chicken, pork and dried milk from the Andean country, according to Prensa Latina.

Bolivia and China also signed an agreement to move forward with a video surveillance and citizen security program.

"China and Bolivia are good friends and partners. China would like to maintain high-level exchanges with Bolivia to guide the development of bilateral ties, expand practical cooperation and enhance coordination on the international stage," said Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson, Hua Chunying after a meeting between the two countries in 2018.

Earlier this month, a Chinese delegation visited Bolivia to see how cows are bred and processed for beef. The Chinese officials toured meat packaging facilities in the departments of Beni and Santa Cruz with the intent to import the product.

Bolivian officials are not only strengthening diplomacy and bilateral negotiations in the East, but the South as well. President Evo Morales visited his counterpart, Mauricio Macri Monday in Buenos Aires to discuss bilateral cooperation in energy and technology, and cultural events.

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