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Bolivia: Tiquipaya Region Declared a Disaster Zone

  • Heavy rains in Tiquipaya, Cochabamba caused the overflow of a river that affected several families and crops.

    Heavy rains in Tiquipaya, Cochabamba caused the overflow of a river that affected several families and crops. | Photo: Bolivian National Police

Published 22 February 2020

In Bolivia, after heavy rains and the overflow of the river in the Tiquipaya region of Cochabamba, a disaster zone was declared.

In Bolivia, the Tiquipaya region in Cochabamba woke up on alert Saturday, after several areas were affected by the overflow of the Taquiña River while local authorities declared a disaster zone.

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According to the latest report from the local authorities, 92 families and 22 homes have been affected, with 'Molle Molle' being the most affected area. Some families have lost everything and the danger continues.

"So far we have the report of 22 affected houses and 92 families that have been evacuated and that are in the different shelters. There are 23 people who have been treated for health issues," Cochabamba Governor Ether Soria told a local media outlet.

Soria urged residents who live three blocks from that flow to evacuate their homes because of the risk posed by the complex meteorological scenario, however, some residents refuse to lose everything, while trying to rescue in the middle of crying what little they have left.

On the other hand, numerous families denounced that the de-facto government of Bolivia left them completely abandoned in the face of constant rains in the region and that they are now forced to leave their homes.

"No one has come to help us, no one. We’ve been working on our own since last night to try to channel the water, " one resident of that region said.

After the overflow of the river, Tiquipaya was declared a disaster zone to mobilize the departmental apparatus and other levels. Flooded streets, downed posts and bridges  overflowed by water are reported.

The former president, Evo Morales, expressed his solidarity with those affected through his Twitter account.

"My solidarity with the families affected by the overflow of the river in Tiquipaya, Cochabamba. I also regretted that Indigenous communities have been isolated by floods in the Tropic region. Sisters and brothers: The main thing is to save life."

The candidate for the presidency of Bolivia, Luis Arce also said on Twitter that the State must prevent and act immediately in the face of disasters that he claimed have already caused 17 deaths throughout Bolivia.

For her part, the de-facto president, Jeanine Añez said in her social networks to have made available all government resources to help affected families in Tiquipaya.


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