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  • President of Bolivia Evo Morales.

    President of Bolivia Evo Morales. | Photo: Reuters

Published 31 July 2017

“I would recommend Mexico and Colombia make their own Constituent Assembly ... to change their capitalist system, their imperialist system," Morales said.

Bolivian President Evo Morales congratulated Venezuela for its successful National Constituent Assembly election Sunday and its efforts to establish peace in the country Monday, criticizing right-wing Latin American countries for rejecting the assembly even before the vote.

What's Next After Venezuela's Constituent Assembly Vote?

Morales singled out Colombia, Mexico and Panama, who announced they would not recognize the results of the ANC, describing their behavior as being submissive to the United States.

"There is a democratic participation of its people to choose its constituents," Morales said, noting that through the joint efforts of the candidates, they will be able to continue with “profound transformations” in the country.

“I would recommend Mexico and Colombia make their own Constituent Assembly ... to change their capitalist system, their imperialist system," Morales added.

"We congratulate the Venezuelan people for their democratic participation in the election of the Constituent Assembly."

Additional international support for the Venezuelan ANC came from Russia, with Moscow advising world leaders to "restrain" and renounce "destructive" plans to pressure Venezuela.

"We hope that those members of the international community who want to reject the results of the Venezuelan elections and increase the economic pressure on Caracas, show restraint and renounce these destructive plans that can sharpen the polarization of Venezuelan society," urged a statement from the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

"It is necessary to create the conditions, also external, so that the Constituent Assembly can lay the foundations for a peaceful solution to the contradictions that exist in Venezuelan society," the note stated, adding it is important to avoid inciting further violent action.

The Council of Electoral Specialists of Latin America composed of former presidents and magistrates from electoral organizations throughout Latin America called on the international community to respect the will of the Venezuelan people.

Over 8 Million Vote in Venezuela's National Constituent Assembly Election

According to CEELA, Venezuela's assembly vote was a clear indication that "the Venezuelan people have made their case for peace despite threats and interventionist actions for the United States as well as their associates and allies."

Ecuador's Foreign Minister Maria Fernanda Espinosa, speaking to local TV station Teleamazonas, reiterated the Andean nation's opposition to Washington's sanctions and “prescriptive attitudes that dictate what a country should or should not do.”

Demonstrations were held Sunday at the Venezuelan embassies in Chile and Mexico, respectively, where local social movements and Venezuelan emigrants alike showed their support for the Constituent Assembly. Similar actions were held in London, Malmo, Sweden and other European cities.

Trade unionists from the Maritime Union of Australia and the Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union took part in a Sydney rally in solidarity with Venezuela's Bolivarian Revolution on July 29.

Additionally, continued support was seen from the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, El Salvador, 70 solidarity committees as well as social movements across Mexico and Central America for the Venezuelan people and their fight to safeguard democratic order and sovereignty in the country.

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