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Biden to Maintain US-China Trade Tensions

  • President-elect Joe Biden stands in front of the U.S. flag (L) and the Chinese flag (R).

    President-elect Joe Biden stands in front of the U.S. flag (L) and the Chinese flag (R). | Photo: Twitter/ @MauraMoynihan1

Published 2 December 2020

As president, Joe Biden will not immediately remove the 25 percent of the billion-dollar tariffs that Trump imposed China's exports to the U.S.

U.S. President-elect Joe Biden assured that he will not change current relations with China, for now, so he will maintain the tariffs that former President Donald Trump imposed against the Asian country.


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Journalist Thomas L. Friedman revealed the information after Biden offered him statements about what the U.S. international policy will be under his mandate. 

"I would not act immediately to remove the 25 percent tariffs that Trump imposed on about half of China's exports to the U.S.," Biden explained in the interview, which was published in the New York Times on Tuesday.

The Democratic leader added that before deciding to reverse the tensions, first he plans to full review the U.S.-China agreement and consult with U.S. allies in Asia and Europe about the best policy to pursue.

"To develop a coherent strategy will be the top priority of my administration in the first few months in office," Biden said.

Trump's arrival to the presidency in 2017 was the starting point for tensions between the U.S. and China.

Under his administration, Trump placed tariffs on $360 billion products from China. This measure affects the U.S. people as it raised costs for businesses and consumers. 

In the past three years, Washington also imposed sanctions on Chinese companies and restricted Chinese businesses from buying U.S. technology. 

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