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Biden Campaign Use Dirty Trick to Steal Donations from Sanders

  • Joe Biden

    Joe Biden | Photo: Reuters

Published 27 April 2019

It seems Joe Biden's campaign team is willing to go 'dirty' to steal money from Bernie Sanders and actually fool his supporters into donating for the more moderate choice of the Democratic establishment. 

Dozens of Bernie Sanders supporters have complained on Social Media that the ActBlue fundraising group has bought up the "Bernie 2020" search term for ads in an effort to snatch up donations determined for Bernie Sanders on Google.

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The nasty campaign trick is aimed at Progressive supporters of Bernie Sanders who have googled the term "Bernie 2020," but are instead led to a "Biden 2020" donation page appearing as the first search result.

Biden 2020 instead of bernie 2020

"So apparently when you Google Bernie2020 it brings up Joe Biden's donation page. Watch out peeps. Make sure when you donate through ActBlue you're donating to Bernies camp and not Bidens.What incredibly low-blow fishy shit is that?! Biden pay Google off for this one?!" responded one user on facebook angrily in the Bernie Sanders is going to Win, President 2020 group. 

With the backing of the Democratic establishment, Joe Biden is aiming to win over moderate Republicans in an attempt to beat sitting President Donald Trump for the 2020 presidential bid. 

Following his announcement to run for President in 2020, the former Vice-President Joe Biden was able to collect US$6.3 million within his first 24 hours.

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