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Nigeria: At least 65 killed and 10 Injured in Attack

  • The Borno state is the focal point of the Boko Haram and ISWA insurgency.

    The Borno state is the focal point of the Boko Haram and ISWA insurgency. | Photo: Reuters

Published 28 July 2019

The attack is one of the deadliest on civilians in Nigeria's recent years. 

At least 65 dead and 10 injured is the result of an attack to a funeral procession in a village in Nigeria’s northeastern Borno region Saturday, according to state television. 


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The shootings are one of the deadliest on civilians in recent years. The assailants have reportedly killed 21 people in an initial attack on the funeral gathering and then the 44 others were shot while trying to pursue the gunmen, said the local government chairman Mohammed Bulama.

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari condemned the attack on Sunday and sent the military to hunt down the perpetrators, according to a statement from the presidential office. Nigeria’s military refused to comment.

A resident from the village where the attack occurred said it saw the insurgents gather before firing on the funeral attendees.

The assault has not been claimed yet by any group. However, Boko Haram and the rival Islamic State in West Africa (ISWA) splinter group have often carried out such onslaughts in the area.

The Borno state is the focal point of the Boko Haram and ISWA of the ten-year conflict, where thousands have been killed in the region and millions have been forced to flee the violence.

Nigeria's president who won a second term in February promised to improve the security in the country. The government says that the insurgent groups have been largely defeated and conducted out of the territories they once held, however, that doesn’t stop them from continuing their deadly attacks on both civilians and military.

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