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At Least 20 Killed by Paramilitary Attacks in Central Sudan

  • War in Sudan,  which broke out in mid-April last year, is consider a forgotted war by some UN members.

    War in Sudan, which broke out in mid-April last year, is consider a forgotted war by some UN members. | Photo: @fourIewis

Published 30 March 2024

About 1.75 million people have left Sudan, headed to South Sudan, and more than 13,900 dead have dead amid the conflict.

In Wad Madani, capital of Al Jazeera state, the FSR attacked several villages "with the aim of looting and stealing", in actions in which they killed at least 20 civilians and injured 32 others in the last three days, the region’s defense committees reported.


Sudan: Violent Clashes Force +600,000 People into South Sudan

The committee, created in 2013 to support the population in the multiple internal conflicts, warned that civilians "were subjected to acts of terrorism and whips", while the rebels "opened fire on citizens carrying sticks, knives and hunting rifles" who tried to defend themselves.

"These crimes of the Rapid Support Forces in Al Jazeera state are pushing villagers to flee their homes," said an Emergency Lawyers Group, which monitoring violations of the war in Sudan, and detailing that forced displacement aggravates the humanitarian situation.

On the other hand, in the Darfur region, the Darfur Bar Association said that Army aircraft this morning bombed paramilitary-controlled sites north and east of the city of El Fasher, capital of Northern Darfur state, which resulted in the deaths of three civilians, including one child, and eleven others injured.

The Army’s response comes four days after the Armed Forces asked citizens to stay away from the FSR assembly sites, after warning them that they considered these positions a target for aerial bombardment.

Meanwhile, the paramilitary action comes three days after this same committee warned of the deaths of 43 Sudanese at the hands of the rebels during the attacks of the last two weeks against 28 villages in the same area.

The war between the Army and the FSR, which broke out in mid-April last year, has so far left, according to the UN, 13,900 dead and the worst wave of displacement in the world in just eleven months.

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