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Argentine Update: We Wait for People to Cast Their Opinion: CFK

  • Vice President Cristina Fernandez-Kirchner, Aug. 13, 2023.

    Vice President Cristina Fernandez-Kirchner, Aug. 13, 2023. | Photo: Twitter/ @augustoluisanch

Published 13 August 2023

Currently, Argentines are voting at 108,107 polling stations throughout their country.

On Sunday, some 35.4 million Argentines are summoned to define the lists of candidates who will compete in the general elections on October 22.


Presidential Candidate Massa Votes in the Argentine Primaries

On such date, citizens will elect their president and vice president, renew 130 out of 257 seats in the Lower House Chamber and 24 out of 72 seats in the Senate, and elect 43 legislators for the Mercosur Parliament.

Currently, Argentines are voting at 108,107 polling stations throughout the country. Below are the main events as they happen.

03: 00 p.m. CRISTINA FERNANDEZ-KIRCHNER VOTE RIO GALLEGOS. The vice president cast her vote at a school in Rio Gallegos, a city 2,600 kilometers south of Buenos Aires.

In statements to journalists, she said that she always fondly remembers that polling place because her late husband, former President Nestor Kirchner (2003-2007), always voted there.

"It is a day of personal emotions," Vice President Fernandez-Kircher said referring to the primary elections taking place in Argentina on Sunday.

The Argentine Leftist leader did not want to speculate on what the results of the primary elections could be. “We are going to wait for people to cast their opinion,” she said.

11:35 a.m: PRESIDENT ALBERTO FERNANDEZ VOTES. After casting his vote in Buenos Aires, he stressed the importance of holding primary elections to consolidate the political system.

"We are celebrating 40 years of democracy. Therefore, today is an important day. We are beginning an electoral process that will surely end in November with a second round," Fernandez said, asking all Argentines go to vote because that is the way to express their desires.

"Whenever you vote, Argentina becomes a better country. Whenever people vote, they choose their destiny, protect their rights, and think about their children's future," said the Peronist leader who will leave the Presidency on December 10.

10:50 a.m: ELECTRONIC VOTING CAUSES DELAYS IN BUENOS AIRES. The "Together for Change" presidential candidate Patricial Bullrich criticized the electronic voting system in Buenos Aires, which was imposed by Mayor Horacio Rodriguez Larreta, who is her rival.

"The vote in Buenos Aires was a disaster," Bullrich said after casting her vote with great difficulty at La Rural, a center for fairs and exhibitions in the Argentine capital.

Due to a decision by Mayor Rodriguez Larreta, the inhabitants of Buenos Aires had to vote twice, once on paper ballots and once through electronic devices. This has prompted delays in the voting centers, which the electoral authorities warned would happen.

In the case of Bullrich, whose vote was followed live by various television channels, her vote through the electronic system was delayed for almost half an hour because the voting machine did not work correctly.

With 2.5 million voters, the city of Buenos Aires is the fourth largest electoral district in Argentina and concentrates 7.2 percent of the national voting register.

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