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More Mexican Tycoons' Come out Against AMLO, Support Neoliberal Candidate

  • Leftist front-runner Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador waves to supporters during a campaign rally in in Michoacan state, Mexico.

    Leftist front-runner Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador waves to supporters during a campaign rally in in Michoacan state, Mexico. | Photo: Reuters

Published 12 June 2018

Victor Almeida and Pedro Martin have joined the list of millionaires opposing the front-runner candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

Another two Mexican tycoons have expressed their rejection of the center-left candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who is leading all polls two to one far ahead of his closest rivals.


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Victor Almeida Garcia, owner of the ceramic giant Interceramic, and Pedro Luis Martin Bringas, member of the board of Soriana, one of the biggest supermarkets in Mexico, warned citizens of the risk of voting for a “populist” candidate and called for voting for neoliberal candidate Ricardo Anaya, who is polling in second place.

Almeida said that Mexico could turn into Venezuela after the elections, without explicitly mentioning Lopez Obrador, who is frequently attacked using the Venezuela card.

“In a few days, we will elect the next president of the country. You're certainly aware of the situation in Venezuela, where a lot of enterprises, among them some Mexican, were expropriated by the government of Chavez and Maduro, supposedly trying to help the most needed,” said Almeida in a video published in social media.

Almeida said that, even though the vote in Mexico is “free and secret” and must be respected, he wanted to express his support for the right-wing candidate because he is worried about his country.

“I'm with Ricardo Anaya because I'm convinced he's the best option for the working class, entrepreneurs and above all those sectors that need a healthy economy,” said Almeida, who joined Anaya's campaign as a link with the business sector in May.

Pedro Luis Martin also joined the list of Mexican millionaires opposing the center-left candidate, endorsing Anaya, and insulting the two past presidents from the right-wing National Action Party (PAN), of which Anaya is the candidate and had served as its president.

“Ricardo Anaya is my candidate. I approve of him, I would do anything for him. He's an honorable person, a distinguished person. He's the first candidate we've had in history who is worthy of representing this country, not the bunch of imbeciles we've had, including Fox and Calderon from PAN,” Martin said in a video.


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He also criticized business people from the Mexican Council of Businesses for meeting with Lopez Obrador and not being “brave enough” to confront the front-runner.

Martin is certain Anaya will win the elections and that all polls and online support for Lopez Obrador are fake, saying he found out the front-runner candidate has an army of bots working on social networks and creating a false perception that he is winning.

His company Soriana was involved in major fraud allegations during the 2012 elections, in which the supermarkets chain gave away electronic money cards in support of Enrique Peña Nieto, the current president of Mexico.

According to Bloomberg's poll analysis, which grades polls by accuracy and methodology, Lopez Obrador has 50.2 percent of the voting preference, while Ricardo Anaya and the ruling party's Jose Antonio Meade are far behind with 24.5 and 22.4 respectively.

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