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Amazon Summit’s first day Ends in Brazil

  • Mauro Vieira, Brazilian Foreign Minister. Aug. 9, 2023.

    Mauro Vieira, Brazilian Foreign Minister. Aug. 9, 2023. | Photo: Twitter/@teleSURtv

Published 9 August 2023

"It was a great point of coincidence, of unanimity in pursuit of actions that lead to the preservation of the Amazon..."

The Brazilian Foreign Minister, Mauro Vieira, declared this Tuesday after the first day of the IV Meeting of Presidents of the States Parties to the Amazon Cooperation Treaty held in Belém do Pará.

Latin American Leaders Join in IV Amazon Summit

"It was a great point of coincidence, of unanimity in pursuit of actions that lead to the preservation of the Amazon, to sustainable development, to the protection of indigenous peoples and their languages," he said.

The official detailed that this day made a report of the decisions taken on the eve of the two sessions, both of the representatives of the member countries of the Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization (ACTO) and the part of foreign ministers who were invited countries and representatives of international organizations.

The Chancellor described the meeting as profitable, in which agreements were reached on health, education, the fight against illegal logging and mining and the strengthening of ACTO; in addition, the Belém declaration was approved.


Vieira also explained that a series of initiatives for the conservation of the area were also approved, such as the creation of a regional observatory.

He announced on Wednesday a final part, which will be a dialogue at presidential level between the invited countries and their organizations.

The Chancellor also said that countries such as Indonesia and the Congo were invited, precisely because they have important extensions of tropical forests in their territories. In this sense, he emphasized that the idea is to carry out a global joint work for the conservation of these natural spaces, which are transcendental for life on the planet.

Vieira added that, at the end of the meeting, a joint declaration on tropical forests will also be signed.

Many talk about the Amazon and, many times, have never been there. Now it is the Amazon raising its voice so that the world assumes the commitment with the development allied with the preservation of our biome.

On the other hand, when asked about Colombian President Gustavo Petro's idea of decarbonization, the Chancellor stressed that there is no divergence and added that he considers that the path towards it is being followed.

"I am sure that there will be a moment in the future when we will reach decarbonization. We have great potential for biomass, solar and wind energy production," he said.

The Brazilian government shared the Belém Declaration, which highlights "the urgency of the challenge of fully protecting the Amazon, combating poverty and inequalities in the Amazon and promoting sustainable, harmonious, integral and inclusive development in the region".


Mauro Vieira
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