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All-Women FARC Summit Discusses Equality in Peace Deal

  • A fighter from the FARC-EP arrives at the camp where the rebels are discussing the peace deal.

    A fighter from the FARC-EP arrives at the camp where the rebels are discussing the peace deal. | Photo: Reuters

Published 20 September 2016

The group is meeting to discuss political representation and protection for women and girls after the cease-fire.

Women of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia and other organizations launched the 2nd National Women and Peace Summit Monday to promote women’s participation in the peace deal reached with the Colombian government.

FARC Unanimously Support Peace but Express Paramilitary Fears

According to a statement from the United Nations, 500 women who represent 700 organizations in the country are meeting in the capital of Bogota until Sept. 21.

The meeting has brought together feminists, Indigenous women, campesinas, Afro-Colombians, academics, LGBTIs, youth, journalists and artists.

Among the topics that the group will discuss are political representation, participation in post-conflict programs for the use of land, judicial guarantees, and protection against sexual violence.

The FARC-EP is also in the midst of its 10th National Guerilla Conference this week, where the rebel group will discuss the peace agreement reached with the government of President Juan Manuel Santos.

The Women and Peace Summit is part of the work organized by the Subcommission on Gender, whose representatives also participated in the peace talks in Havana, Cuba. The talks lasted almost four years, and included the input of the group to assure the implementation of the peace deal.

The final peace deal will be signed on Sept. 26 in Cartagena de Indias, but the accords will need to be put to a popular vote on Oct. 2. If “yes” wins, the agreement could end the over five-decades-long conflict that has killed over 220,000 people and displaced some 6.3 million others.

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