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Ahed Tamimi Reveals Her Plans to Study International Law in UK

  • Ahed Tamimi will travel to Britain to study international law.

    Ahed Tamimi will travel to Britain to study international law. | Photo: EFE

Published 6 March 2019

Palestinian resistance icon Ahed Tamimi is going to Britain to study international law so that she can hold Israel accountable for its war crimes.

Palestinian resistance icon Ahed Tamimi will travel to Britain to take an English course so she can study international law, something she has always spoken about, she said in a recent interview.


‘We Inherited Revolution’ Says Ahed Tamimi in Message to Progressive Clacso Conference

Ahed wants to defend and raise the Palestinian cause in international forums, show the illegality of Israeli occupation, and hold the occupying country accountable for its war crimes and crimes against humanity, she argues saying that she plans on doing that by studying international law.

During an interview with a Jordanian media, the activist said she is going to Britain for three months during which she will learn English properly. After that, she is going back to Palestine as her brother will be freed from an Israeli prison and she would like to be there to see spend some time with him before returning to the United Kingdom to begin her studies in international law. She did not make it clear which university she is going to or when exactly will she be beginning her studies. 

The young activist from the village of Nabi Saleh in the occupied West Bank was jailed for eight months for slapping two Israeli occupation soldiers who were harassing her family in the yard of their home.

Her act in December last year was recorded and went viral on social media, attracting solidarity from supporters of the Palestinian cause globally, while also infuriating Israelis some of whom asked for her to be shot and killed.

“The most difficult period in my life was the prison, especially the interrogation period. They kept me from sleeping and eating. All my movements were under surveillance,” Ahed said during the interview.

She and her mother Nariman were released from Israeli prison in late July. Since her release, she has been outspoken about Palestine and her desire to study international law.

While in prison she completed her high school studies and after her release, she said in many interviews that she had already begun reading up on international law and showing interest such subjects during her imprisonment.

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