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Abby Martin Describes Bigger Picture After NYT Allegations

  • Abby Martin, host of the Empire Files

    Abby Martin, host of the Empire Files | Photo: teleSUR

Published 9 January 2017

The "Empire Files" host tells teleSUR what was really behind the New York Times and U.S. intelligence claims against her.

The recent report issued by the Director of National Intelligence, allegedly proving Russian “interference” in the U.S. election, portrayed Abby Martin's former show "Breaking the Set," which ended two years ago, as a propaganda vector marking the beginning of the Kremlin attempt to subvert American democracy.

US Spy Boss Remains Confident That Russia Carried Out Hack

The allegations about Martin quitting the show on-air because of political differences with Russia Today management “could have been easily debunked looking only one minute on Wikipedia,” Martin said, "with widely available, open source information ... I was not even contacted (by NYT journalist Russell Goldman).”

“I wasn't surprise that the NYT printed this, this is not the first time they publish false narratives, from the Iraq war ... they are out to defend the U.S. intelligence community, when there is absolutely no evidence to prove it.”

She denied she had ever called the network “propaganda,” or that she quit on-air: “how could I run a prime time opinion show for an entire year, after denouncing Putin on air? It makes no sense.”

She slammed Goldman's “half-baked correction” after she gave him a call — which said that Martin did not quit on air but some months after criticized Putin — that “still misinterprets the facts to promote Goldman's own narrative,” she said.

“It implies that I still left the network over political disagreement, which is completely false. I left one year after to do investigative reporting like I am doing now for teleSUR.”

In her opinion, such articles “just show that publications like the NYT will bend over backwards to defend and support the U.S. establishment, no matter what.”

About Washington's serious allegations that Moscow hacked the U.S. presidential elections, Martin said there was no evidence to prove it. U.S. intelligence claims such evidence is classified, but it cannot be trusted, according to Martin, since it has a history of using "classified information to sell war ... We need to take a step back and go back to reality."

“This entire report is really one last ditch effort by the establishment that lined up behind Hillary Clinton to sell her and try to delegitimize Trump's election,” she argued, saying this “extremely dangerous” strategy won't work.

“If ever Trump launched a war against Russia, that would be the fault of the Democrats, for trying so hard to delegitimize Trump using the Moscow claims.”

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