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AOC Defends Aid Cut to Israel, Says Caging Kids Unacceptable

  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says military cut to Israel is needed to stop imprisoning children.

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says military cut to Israel is needed to stop imprisoning children. | Photo: Reuters

Published 18 April 2019

"I don’t believe in caging kids," Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said while defending her stand on cutting military and economic aid to Israel. 

United States Congresswoman Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) reiterated her position Wednesday for the U.S. to cut military and economic aid to Israel to combat the country's policy of imprisoning Palestinian kids.  


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On Sunday the Congresswoman she said that reducing military and economic aid to Israel shoudl be "on the table" as a way for the U.S. to oppose rampant Israeli human rights violations of Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank. AOC referenced a bill proposed by Minnesota Congresswoman Betty McCollum that would prohibit aid from being used by the Israeli authorities to detain Palestinian minors as a way to advanced this cause.

In response to Ocasio-Cortez, Andrew Pollock, a school-safety activist and supporter of the U.S. President Donald Trump wrote on his Twitter account: “Someone needs to remind @AOC Israel is our greatest ally in the region and the only democracy in the Middle East. Why not end aid to countries who chant death to America? Why not end aid to countries that impose Sharia law?”

AOC promptly replied to Pollock she doesn't believe in imprisoning kids.

“Simply put: I don’t believe in caging kids. Pretty straightforward value. I don’t care if it’s American kids, Mexican kids, or Palestinian kids. I vote against funding it on the US border, too. It would be inconsistent w/ my values to fund it anywhere,” the Congresswoman replied via Twitter.

Congresswoman McCollum's Promoting Human Rights by Ending Israeli Military Detention of Palestinian Children Act ,introduced in November 2017, has been revived after AOC's Sunday appearance on Yahoo News “Skullduggery” podcast where she mentioned the bill, adding she wants to contribute to the discussion regarding U.S. foreign policy of the Israel-Palestine conflict that other legislators have long been spear-heading.

“I hope to play a facilitating role in this conversation and a supportive role in this conversation. But I also know that there have been people leading on this for a long time, like Congresswoman [Betty] McCollum.”

McCollum herself commented that the bill, “highlights Israel’s system of military detention of Palestinian children and ensures that no American assistance to Israel supports human rights violations.” 

The senior legislator added: “Peace can only be achieved by respecting human rights, especially the rights of children. Congress must not turn a blind eye the unjust and ongoing mistreatment of Palestinian children living under Israeli occupation.”

AOC, during her Sunday interview, compared Trump with newly relected Israeli Prime Minister. “I think that Netanyahu is a Trump-like figure," she said.

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