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A Year On Argentine ARA San Juan Submarine Found

  • The ARA San Juan submarine and crew is see leaving port in 2014.

    The ARA San Juan submarine and crew is see leaving port in 2014. | Photo: Reuters

Published 17 November 2018

"It is very shocking. Thank god they are in peace," a relative of one of the 44 crew members said in response.

The Argentine Navy confirmed Saturday that the missing ARA San Juan military submarine was located, deep in the Atlantic, one year after the vessel disappeared with several dozen people aboard.

One Year Later: Relatives of Argentine Sub Crew Seek Justice

Early Saturday, the Navy disclosed that the vessel had been detected some 800 meters below the waters off the Valdes Peninsula in the Argentine Patagonia. The submarine had been missing for one year.

The vessel, which disappeared with 44 crewmen, was discovered by a remote-operated submersible belonging to the United States-based Ocean Infinity company and is recorded as being a "positive identification" for the ARA San Juan submarine.

Argentine ARA San Juan submarine crew. Photo: Ezequiel Salas
South African Seabed Constructor vessel from Ocean Infinity found the lost submarine.

The vessel was found just two days after families of the missing sailors gathered to commemorate the lives of their loved ones, just over a year after the sub disappeared on Nov. 15, 2017.

On Thursday, relatives of the crew members of the ARA San Juan submarine held a symbolic event in commemoration of their loved ones in the city of Mar del Plata, the sub's designated port. 

After the discovery, Noelia, wife of one of the crew members said: "In this moment everything is scrambled. That's the only thing I know. Many questions arise now, knowing what happened. And above all, the discovery implies facing a crude reality, it is very difficult."

Relatives of the crewmen took the opportunity to express disappointment with President Mauricio Macri's Administration, indicating that they were still awaiting some concrete answers about the fate of their loved ones.

The #MinisterioDeDefensa and #ArmadaArgentina inform that on the day of the date, having investigated the point of interest No. 24 reported by Ocean Infinity, through the observation made with an ROV at 800 meters deep, positive identification has been given to # AraSanJuan

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