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9 EU States to Work on Mediterranean Green Energy Hub

  • Renewable energy system. May. 18, 2023.

    Renewable energy system. May. 18, 2023. | Photo: TWITTER/@DailyFinland

Published 19 May 2023

"...The alliance will prioritize the advancement of offshore renewable energy sources..."

On Thursday, Energy ministers hailing from nine member states of the European Union (EU) reach a consensus to transform the Mediterranean region into a hub of sustainable energy.


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During their meeting in Valletta, Malta's capital city, the ministers representing the MED9 alliance, comprising Croatia, Cyprus, France, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Slovenia and Spain, signed the Malta Statement, a joint declaration that aims to support the promotion and growth of investments in renewable energy in the Southern European region.

The alliance will prioritize the advancement of offshore renewable energy sources, solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, the production and transportation of renewable hydrogen, the creation of storage solutions, and the fabrication of novel energy interconnections linking non-EU Mediterranean countries within and outside the European Union (EU).

The meeting was led by Miriam Dalli, Minister for Environment, Energy, and Enterprises in Malta, and also attended by Kadri Simson, the Energy Commissioner of the European Union.

"We all recognize that investments in renewable energy infrastructure are not simply a forward-looking commitment with long-term objectives. These investments are the best solution to our current challenges," Dalli said in a statement.

The Med9 collective has reached a consensus to establish a steering committee for the purpose of supervising the work on the green hub.

The Med9 also advocated for the possibility of creating ecologically sustainable energy corridors aimed at connecting Europe with renewables-rich North African nations.

Furthermore, Med9 emphasized the importance of assigning priority to the allocation of European Union funds for the enhancement of key Mediterranean interconnections.

The deliberations held in Valletta coincided with the initial anniversary of the commencement of the REPowerEU plan, endeavoring to hasten the implementation of sustainable sources of energy and augment capital injection into energy conservancy initiatives across the member states of the European Union.

"The Commission remains ready to assist where needed to help the Mediterranean region become a green energy hub," Simson said in a statement.

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