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8,400 Yellow Vests Arrested So Far, As Protests Enter 14th Week

  • Yellow Vests protest with a banner displaying

    Yellow Vests protest with a banner displaying "Stop Police Violence" in Paris, France, Feb. 16, 2019. | Photo: Reuters

Published 16 February 2019

The Yellow Vests movement undertakes its fourteenth-consecutive week of protests despite police repression.

French Minister of the Interior Christophe Castaner admitted, on Feb. 14, that about 8,400 people have been arrested since the Yellow Vests demonstrations began on Nov. 17, 2018.

Yellow Vests March For 13th Saturday Against Macron's Gov't

So far, some 1,800 of the detainees have already been convicted while 1,500 protesters are reportedly still awaiting trial, and another 316 Yellow Vests have outstanding arrest warrants.

Castaner said that 1,300 police officers and firefighters have been injured and stressed that "degradation and aggression will be punished."

The minister of the Interior, who described demonstrators as "small groups animated by hatred," is opposed to an amnesty, which was suggested by several opposition spokespersons.

"The government of France opposes any amnesty for the Yellow Vests", Castaner stressed.

“The 14th Yellow Vests Act in Mantes: first blows of batons given by the police on Saturday, Feb. 16.”

Despite the police repression, France is experiencing a new weekend of Yellow Vests demonstrations, which started three months ago when citizens rallied for the rejection of fuel price increases and other austerity policies that were announced by President Emmanuel Macron.

In Paris, several requests have been made, at different points, with different messages calling for "insurrections" and the blocking, "as long as possible," of the Charles de Gaulle Place where the Arch of Triumph is located, at the end of the Elysian Fields.

For Sunday, another demonstration is planned to commence at the Champs Elysees and end at the Field of Mars, at the foot of the Eiffel Tower.

On Feb. 9, the Parisian streets were filled with some 118,200 Yellow Vests,  a similar sized crowd is also expected this week.

Whatever the amount, however, the police warned that demonstrators will face a security device "consequent."

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