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10 Things to Know About Cuban Luis Posada Carriles

  • Cubans carry portraits of Posada Carriles' victims.

    Cubans carry portraits of Posada Carriles' victims. | Photo: EFE

Published 23 May 2018

Posada Carriles left the island with the purpose of ending the revolution and is responsible for several acts of terrorism in Latin America.

Luis Posada Carriles, Cuban with a Venezuelan nationality, was the main mastermind behind the attack on a flight by the Cuban-based airline Cubana de Aviacion on Oct. 6, 1976, in which 73 passengers were killed.

'Terrorist' Luis Posada Carriles Dies at 90

He died this Wednesday without having paid for that or other crimes.

Carriles had remained in Miami since 2005, where he was protected by the United States government, which had repeatedly denied Venezuelan and Cuban requests for extradition.

1. He was born in Cienfuegos, Cuba in 1928. He was nationalized in Venezuela and was trained by the U.S. Army in Fort Benning, Georgia.  

2. Declassified U.S. documents revealed he worked as an agent for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) between 1960 and 1974,a  time during which he was sent as security advisor to Venezuela, Guatemala, El Salvador, Chile and Argentina.

3. In Venezuela he was part of the now extinct General Sectoral Directorate of Intelligence and Prevention Services (DISIP, for its Spanish acronym), an organization widely accused of violent repressive tactics, including torture.

4. In 1961 he participated in the preparations for the failed Bay of Pigs invasion against the Cuban government of Fidel Castro and formed part of Operation 40, in charge of supporting the foreign landing.

5. In 1971 he led a failed assassination attempt against Fidel Castro, who was visiting his Chilean counterpart, Salvador Allende.

6. In 1976 he participated in the assassination of Orlando Letelier, Allende’s foreign minister. During the same year he organized and carried out the attack against a Cubana de Aviacion flight, killing 73 passengers.

7. Also in 1976 he participated in a meeting with Italian neofascist Stefano Delle Chiaie, where they agreed on a series of attacks against the Chilean left.

8.He was imprisoned in Venezuela for the attack until 1985, when he escaped prison. After that he lived in Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador from where he supported counter-revolutionary activities against the Sandinistas in Nicaragua.

9. In 1997 the material authors of a string of bombing attacks in Havana’s tourist area confessed to have acted on behalf of Posada Carriles who paid them to carry out the bombings. Something Posada Carriles acknowledged. 

10. In 2000 he tried again to assassinate Fidel Castro during an IberoAmerican summit in Panama. Posada Carriles wa detained along with Gaspar Eugenio Jimenez, Pedro Remon and Guillermo Novo. However, in 2004 he was pardoned by Panamanian President Mireya Moscoso.

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