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  • Zionism cannot be fully understood if divorced from its other expression: Wahhabism.

    Zionism cannot be fully understood if divorced from its other expression: Wahhabism. | Photo: Reuters

Published 30 June 2017
Such modern day “humanitarians” have played misery with unparalleled cynicism and cruelty, exploiting needs to advance the disappearance of a people.

It is often that Palestine, and those who have defended its people’s right to sit themselves sovereign on the land which they inherited from their forefathers — and their fathers before that — have limited their calls for justice to the denunciation of Zionism, thus failing to see that other parties have had a hand in that genocide we all seldom attest to.

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If Palestinians remain a “hot topic” of discussion, mainstream media has yet to frame this struggle within its true parameters: that of a people robbed of their national identity, their history, their tradition, their religious freedom, and more importantly, their rights to a dignified future away from oppression.

It needs to be said that Palestine is not a symbol of anti-semitism! 

Palestine’s existence does in no way, shape or form equate to the negation of Judaism! 

Those arguing against Palestine are really making the case of its disappearance. 

The truth of this conflict lies beyond any and all religious or political spats. The truth of this conflict lies in this blood mighty men choose to shed so that empires could be risen and ambitions fed.

Palestine, we should realize, is where fascism came to reinvent itself a grand enemy of democratic pluralism and freedom at a time when new systems of governance were being formulated away from western imperialism. Beyond that, one may posit that Palestine has become together a neo-fascist project and a blueprint for future genocides. 

In his address to Parliament on Al-Quds Day, Iran’s Parliament Chairman, Ali Larijani, referred to Israel as “the source of all terrorism in the world,” pointing to the ideological construct beyond the political agenda.

Zionism, we ought now to grasp, exists beyond Palestine. The Middle Eastern country was but the first victim of a vengeful ideology which seeks to bow men to its will.

In the same vein, Zionism has had many expressions to its hatred — not all linked to Judaism, but rather the political reality it has worked to manifest in the Greater Middle East. 

What do I mean? Simply that Zionism is not a Jewish monopoly, it is a way of thinking anchored in supremacism and exclusionism, not a religion. Whereas Judaism exists as a faith, a belief system inspired by Zionism came to claim the religion to justify its intolerance while calling it “holy.”

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Zionism cannot be fully understood if divorced from its other expression: Wahhabism. Just like Israel’s military occupation of Palestine cannot be divorced from attempts by Saudi Arabia to occupy Palestine’s civil space by laying siege to its non-governmental organizations.

I will quote here the work of Vanessa Beeley, an investigative journalist whose courage and dedication have permitted for the rise a new narrative — one weaved around the idea that Freedom is a natural and inalienable right to our human condition.

“We live in a world governed by propaganda where the majority of media mouthpieces are gagged by those who own them and only permitted to release information that serves the narrative of the ruling elite or imperialist powers,” Beeley said.

“So what does the machine create? It creates a power for good in its own image. It creates the non-government organizations and the not-for-profit industrial complex to give us the illusion, not only of this power for good, but of our own empowerment, our own stakeholding in reducing the misery being inflicted upon humanity.”

In Palestine, this has manifested in a covert campaign for control of civil development. 

Beyond Israeli pointed guns and barbwires extends another shadow, one just as nefarious and insidious since it has precluded Palestinians from asserting themselves outside the narrative of occupation. Worse still, Saudi Arabia’s philanthropy in Palestine has more often than not been tied to hyper-radicalisation, or as you may prefer to call it, wahhabization.

There is a pattern here that should not escape us. Saudi Arabia’s humanitarian efforts are not motivated by an imperious need to offer relief to the victims of Israel’s brutality, but rather a mean to assert financial dependency to buy loyalties and indoctrinate communities.

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Beeley argues that “when the ‘soft power’ missionary complex is in the same hands as the ‘hard power industrial/military’ complex…they are two sides of the same coin, overtly opposing and covertly combining to achieve imperialist aims in any given target region or nation. The NGO complex is the most insidious tool of empire and arguably the most damaging.”

Such modern day “humanitarians” have played misery with unparalleled cynicism and cruelty, exploiting needs to advance, promote and accelerate the disappearance of a people.

Palestine is no longer Zionism and Wahhabism’s only war theater. Others have fallen prey to such hunger. Many others still stand to fall should we fail to reframe conflicts within the reality of a system we refuse to formulate for fear of facing it.

Imperialism is really but the branding behind which neo-fascists have come to hide.

The real game, the only game that has been played and continues to be played, is that of socio-political enslavement and sovereign erosion.

Again, Palestine sits together a cautionary tale and the tip of the iceberg. It is what lays below, what we wish not to see, that should command our attention.

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