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  • Milagro Sala as she was released into house arrest on August 31.

    Milagro Sala as she was released into house arrest on August 31. | Photo: Reuters

Published 1 September 2017
Milagro Sala says she is deeply worried by what is happening in Argentina, just hours after she was transferred to house arrest on Thursday.

Shortly after her transfer to house arrest, the Indigenous leader of the Tupac Amaru social movement, Milagro Sala, talked to teleSUR's correspondent in Jujuy about her case, the disappearance of Santiago Maldonado, the record of the Macri government and the struggle in Venezuela.

Argentina's Milagro Sala Calls for Help In Search for Missing Activist

Milagro, you've just been transferred from the Alto Comedoro women's prison, how are you?

I'm very worried about what is happening in Argentina. I ask for the return of Santiago Maldonado, immediately. I ask the government to stop putting on a show with the minister Patricia Bullrich and not to forget that this is a democracy.

Milgro, you were in prison for 18 months. Why do you think you were jailed?

It was political revenge on the part of Governor Gerardo Morales, the governor of Jujuy, and also on the part of others. Unfortunately, the president of the republic doesn't really seem to be the president, because he hasn't obeyed the ruling given a month ago for me to be released immediately, or the ruling in December which said the same thing.

Milagro Sala Lawyers Ask for Immediate House Arrest Transfer

What is your evaluation of these last 18 months of Maurici Macri's government at the national level, and of Gerardo Morales' at provincial level?

Unfortunately, all the advances made in the last 12 years, in less than a year and a half, have all been taken away. Bit by bit they are getting rid of the universal child benefit, more and more people are losing their jobs, shops are closing down, street sellers are losing their work, businesses are being shut down or sold off. The only thing this government is doing is doing deals on behalf of their own friends and relatives. They are not thinking about the people who are in real need.

You have received a lot of international support during these 18 months, Milagro. How did you feel about this?

I want to say thank you to all the committees here in this country, in Rome, Italy, in Spain or Poland, in all the places where committees for my release were set up; to all the activists who built this campaign without asking for anything in return; and to all those activists who are still fighting for the freedom of those who are still in jail in Mendoza and elsewhere.

Milagro Sala Urges Venezuelans to Vote for Constituent Assembly

What would you say to the Venezuelan president, Nicolas Maduro, who will no doubt watch this interview?

That he should resist, resist. What they are doing to him, is like a laboratory, for what they want to repeat throughout Latin America. That he should resist, because we know this attack is coming from the United States.

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