29 August 2023 - 10:15 PM
“It’s Over” Hashtag Goes Viral
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The going viral of the hashtag "It's over," is one of the latest events in the escalation that has generated in the media and in the Spanish public opinion, the kiss without consent that Luis Rubiales, president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation, gave to the player Jennifer Hermoso, after her national team won the Women's World Cup.

The hashtag

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Today, no one is talking about the world championship won by the Spanish women's soccer team, and the signs of rejection and popular repudiation is growing. It has been known yesterday that 80 players, members of the Spanish soccer structure, assured through a manifesto, that they would renounce their membership if the country's soccer leadership did not resign.

In the last two days new videos have been published that show other angles of observation of the event, where to the controversial kiss, an obvious intention of Rubiales is added, to try to "climb" on the player as a euphoric reaction to the victory.

The label "it's over" emerged in one of the first protests that took place in the streets of Spain, and today it is becoming a symbol of popular opinion on the attitudes of imposition and violation of the consensus granted.

To the requests for resignation, Rubiales has given his refusal, while FIFA has not given a verdict, but has announced that Rubiales should be suspended until the conflict is resolved.

"Let's not take it for granted that giving a kiss without consent is something "that happens". it is a form of sexual violence that we women suffer on a daily basis and until now invisible, and that we cannot normalize. It is the task of society as a whole. Consent is at the center. Only if it is", said Irene Montero, Minister of Equality.

After the video, Rubiales publicly apologized. In it he highlighted the good relations he had with the player and assured that there was no bad faith on either side.

The tweet reads, "The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Volker Türk, expressed his solidarity with Spanish soccer player Jennifer Hermoso and his hope that this case "marks a turning point" in the world of sports, where women "continue to be subjected to sexual harassment and abuse."

The president of Spain, Pedro Sanchéz met with the players and said that Rubiales' apologies were not enough, because what happened was unacceptable.

Rubiales is involved in this controversy, a year after audios were made public in which, together with Gerard Piqué, he talked about the substantial commissions that would be generated by moving the Super Cup to the Middle East.


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