University Unions in Argentina Hold New 48-Hour Strike

Argentinean Students in demostration, June 11, 2024 Photo: @RadioUNNE997

June 11, 2024 Hour: 7:56 pm

The unions will mobilize on Wednesday to Congress to demand that senators reject the Base Law.

University unions in Argentina make a new 48-hour strike due to the lack of response to their demand for wage improvement by the government of Javier Milei.

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The strike was called by the Federation of Teachers of the Universities (Fedun) until this Wednesday, when the unions will mobilize to the Congress of the Nation to demand that the senators reject the Basic Law promoted by the Government.

“We demand that the senators listen to the people they represent and vote against,” said Fedun Secretary General Daniel Ricci on social network X.

Likewise, the Argentine University Federation (FUA) expressed its support for the “Teachers and non-teaching workers in their legitimate claim» and supported the strike called, recognizing the demand for parities to recover «the loss of wages and the constant deterioration of the purchasing power of those who support public education”.

The text reads,
Throughout the national territory, we support the teaching and non-teaching strike En los últimos meses docentes y nodocentes han perdido el 50% del poder adquisitivo. Sin salarios dignos, no hay educación.

The FUA also said in a statement that the National Government still does not offer a response according to the support that the Argentine population has given to the university community.

“We continue to demand salary recomposition, the appropriate budget for science and technology; the implementation of the plan of university works and scholarships for students in order to guarantee income, permanence and graduation,” the FUA said.

The federation reiterated its rejection of the Base Law as a significant step backwards in the construction of a democratic, fair and equitable society”.

“We cannot allow this enormous setback for the Argentine people or open the door to policies that put our future as a country at risk,” the FUA said.

The call for the strike came after the Minister of Human Capital, Sandra Petovello, did not present a proposal for a wage improvement as indicated.

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