37,431 Dead in Gaza From Israeli Attacks

In addition, the entity detailed that under the rubble are approximately 10 thousand Palestinians.

Claudia Sheinbaum Confirms That There Will Be No Fiscal Reform

President-elect of Mexico said that she will prioritize the reduction of the fiscal deficit in the coming months.

P. Rico: Pro-independence Groups Denounces Colonial Situation

Organizations that conform the Boricua Independence Front, such as the Puerto Rican Independence Party Committee of New York, Puertorriqueños Unidos en Acción, El Grito, El País Posible and other patriotic entities such as the Hostosiano del Norte Institute, the Institute of International Relations and the Ñin Negrón Movement

Jamaica: PM Expresses Country’s Intentions to Transform the Country’s Security Landscape

The plan of Holness is improve the national security to gain more control of the criminal situation and fight against the rise of the criminal acts

President of Cuba Analyzes the Banking Process in the Country

The president affirmed that this is a necessary process and in which progress is urgent.

Mexico Reports in the Week 30 Heat-Related Deaths, Bringing Total to 155

Just in the week 24 , which covers 13 to 18 June, 259 cases associated with extreme natural temperatures were reported


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