Electoral Entity Establishes Rules to Guarantee Citizen Participation in Venezuela

As the day of the presidential elections in Venezuela approaches, the Ministries of Defense and Interior issued a resolution that will guarantee the protection and the right of voters to participate in the elections of July 28. RELATED: Confession Points to Venezuela’s Opposition Campaign Head for Ordering Self-Attack The resolution signed by the holders of […]

Confession Points to Venezuela’s Opposition Campaign Head for Ordering Self-Attack

The Venezuelan prosecutor would have in his possession the testimony and several evidence that would point to Magallí Meda, Strategic Planning Manager of the opposition movement Vente Venezuela, to order the attack on two vehicles of the far-right leader María Corina Machado in Barquisimeto. RELATED: Far-Right Opposition Not To Recognize Results From the Venezuelan Electoral […]

Democratic Party Says They Will Transparently Choose a Candidate Who Can Defeat Trump

The Democratic National Committee said this Sunday that while the resignation of a candidate for re-election in the absence of just over three months for the elections is unprecedented, in the coming days the Party will undertake a transparent and orderly process to replace Joe Biden. RELATED: US President Joe Biden Drops Out of the […]

Islamic Rebel Group Attack Leaves 37 Dead in Northern Congo

At least 37 fatalities and an indefinite number of kidnappings are the result of a new series of attacks by Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) militias in the North Kivu province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. RELATED: DRC: Army Reaffirms Commitment to Recapture Occupied Areas The attack occurred at around 09.00 local time (07.00 […]

Colombia Celebrates Independence Day With Military Parade

The President of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, led this Saturday the traditional military parade of Independence Day although it took more than three hours to arrive. RELATED: Nicaragua Commemorates 45th Anniversary of the Triumph of the Sandinista Revolution The parade featured more than 1,500 soldiers and officers from the Armed Forces and Police who remembered the […]

Houthis Report Aerial Bombardment of Al-Hudayda Port City, in Western Yemen

The Houthi rebels of Yemen denounced this Saturday a “series of aerial bombardments” against the port city of Hudayda, in the Red Sea, from where they launch a large part of their attacks against Israeli ships or accused of ties with the Zionist state. RELATED: Houthis Claim New Attacks Against Ships in the Red and […]


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