Haiti: Displaced Persons Increased by 60 Percent Between March and June

People continue to flee Port-au-Prince for the provinces, increasing the burden on already vulnerable communities, it said.

Hezbollah Launches Its Biggest Attack on Israeli Targets

Hezbollah fired over a hundred Katyusha rockets, artillery shells and guided missiles at Israeli settlements and military installations.

DR: XIX International Research Congress Continues

The congress, which this year is being held under the theme "Innovation and Sustainability: Challenges and Opportunities for the Future," is an opportunity for the exchange of knowledge and the creation of networks between scientists from different areas of the world.

Gaza Strip: Civil Defense Faces Crisis, Lack of Means and Fuel

Basal called on the UN, the International Committee of the Red Cross and human rights organizations to provide excavators and bulldozers, as well as diesel, to allow the institution to resume its work.

WHO Calls for Intensified Surveillance of Avian Influenza

In recent years, H5N1 has spread widely among wild birds, poultry and terrestrial and marine mammals on several continents.

Flights Cancelled, Roads Closed and Classes Suspended Due to Heavy Rains in Florida

The airport most affected by rainfall is Fort Lauderdale.


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