Climate Activists Paralyze Air Traffic at German Airport

“Last Generation” activists entered the airport grounds through a fence and glued themselves to the runway. Climate activists temporarily brought air traffic at Cologne/Bonn Airport in western Germany to a complete standstill Wednesday morning. RELATED: Effects of Climate Change Generate Anxiety Among US Citizens Five members of the “Last Generation” had entered the airport grounds […]

Why Nicolás Maduro Is The Favorite Candidate in The Polls?

The Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and candidate for the Great Patriotic Pole leads the public surveys made by some of the most serious pollster in Venezuela. The candidate have a wide advantage over the other 9 opposition candidates of up to 20 or 30. points RELATED: President Maduro Highlights the Participatory Nature of Venezuelan Democracy […]

Hot Weather Reaches Record Levels in Italy

As of Tuesday, seven cities were under either “orange” or “red” heat alerts. Italy continues to struggle under the impacts of low rainfall and high temperatures, with the southern part of the country dealing with intense water shortages and officials warning residents to stay indoors during the hottest part of the day. RELATED: Zambia: 34.7 […]

ICC Accepts 64 Requests for Arrest Against Senior Israeli Officials

The international body accepted requests from almost 20 states.

Death Toll From Landslides in Southern Ethiopia Rises to 299

So far, 148 men and 81 women have been accounted for, although search and rescue efforts continue.

Uganda: Roads Closed in Capital City Ahead of Protest

Military and police personnel were seen on foot patrol along the streets while military vehicles were positioned at key roundabouts in Kampala, the capital of Uganda.


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