Polls Indicate Nicolás Maduro Maintains Dominance in Electoral Preferences

The candidate of the Great Patriotic Pole figures with 55.9% of support from the sample of 983 respondents.

Election of the NPF Candidate for Prime Minister Must Be Democratic: the French Socialists

Meanwhile, the Macron-led bloc allied with the conservatives to secure the National Assembly presidency. On Friday, the French Socialist Party (PS) insisted that the candidate for Prime Minister from the New Popular Front (NFP) must be chosen by next Tuesday at the latest. RELATED: The Olympic Village Receives the First Athletes for the Paris 2024 […]

S. Sudan: MSF Warns of Health Crisis Amid Looming Floods

Joe Aumuller, epidemiologist activity manager of MSF, said floodwaters could destroy schools, houses, health facilities, and water sources, limiting access to basic services and livelihoods.

Nigeria: Government & Labor Unions Agree on New Minimum Wage

The minimum wage is statutorily reviewed every five years in Nigeria. The last minimum wage of 30,000 nairas (about 18 dollars) was agreed in 2019.

Fire on a Boat in the Haitian Coast Leaves 40 Migrants Dead

The barge was destined for the islands of Turks and Caicos about 250 kilometers from the point of departure of the barge, Labadee. On Friday, a boat carrying approximately 80 migrants caught fire off the coast of Cap Haïtien, northern Haiti. The shipwreck left about 40 dead and dozens injured. RELATED:Haiti: Jamaica Announces Early Police […]

Strong 7.3 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Chile’s Mining Region

The National Seismological Center reported that dozens of aftershocks have been recorded near San Pedro de Atacama.


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Israel must revoke all laws and measures that create or maintain its illegal occupation of Palestinian territories. On Friday, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) determined that Israeli settlement policies “violate international law” and that their “continued presence” in Palestine is “illegal.” RELATED: Gaza Strip: At Least 44 Killed After Israeli Bombardment The court demanded […]


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