More Than 100 Dead, Curfew and Order To Shoot After Student Protests in Bnagladesh

More than 100 people have been killed in student protests in Bangladesh since the violence broke out last Monday, sources from several hospitals in the country reported Saturday, while a strong security deployment is in place under the government curfew. RELATED: The Rainy Season in South Asia Leaves 174 Dead So Far Reuters news agency […]

New Poll Keeps President Maduro as a Favorite To Win the 28J Elections

A new National Survey of the Center for Measurement and Interpretation of Statistical Data (CMIDE) shows candidate Nicolás Maduro as a favorite to win the Venezuelan Presidency in the elections of July 28. RELATED: Venezuela Nuestra’s Coordinator Announces Mobilization in Caracas on July 25 in Support of President Maduro The survey revealed that the president […]

Colombia Celebrates Independence Day With Military Parade

The President of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, led this Saturday the traditional military parade of Independence Day although it took more than three hours to arrive. RELATED: Nicaragua Commemorates 45th Anniversary of the Triumph of the Sandinista Revolution The parade featured more than 1,500 soldiers and officers from the Armed Forces and Police who remembered the […]

Israeli Parliament Denies the Establishment of a Palestinian State

Hamas says it will continue its struggle to thwart plans for displacement and destruction of the Palestinian national identity.

S. Sudan: MSF Warns of Health Crisis Amid Looming Floods

Joe Aumuller, epidemiologist activity manager of MSF, said floodwaters could destroy schools, houses, health facilities, and water sources, limiting access to basic services and livelihoods.

Nigeria: Government & Labor Unions Agree on New Minimum Wage

The minimum wage is statutorily reviewed every five years in Nigeria. The last minimum wage of 30,000 nairas (about 18 dollars) was agreed in 2019.


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