Israel Grants Increased Authority to Zionist Settlers for Violent Acts in the West Bank

Settlers have fired on Palestinian vehicles, searched cars, and used violence against West Bank residents.

Peruvian-Chinese Fraternity Day To Be Celebrated on February 1

This date coincides with the Chinese celebration of the Spring Festival and the start of the Lunar New Year. On Friday, the official Peruvian registry published a law declaring February 1st as the Day of Peruvian-Chinese Fraternity. RELATED: Peruvian Minister Apologizes for Downplaying Sexual Violence Against Indigenous Minors The new regulation, which indicates that this […]

Spanish Authorities Confiscate Amounts of Cocaine From Ecuador and Colombia

The operation began in 2023 when they discovered that the organization was in Spain

Namibia Removes Laws Prohibiting Same-Sex Relations

The measures prohibiting gay relations, dates from the colonial era and subjected to severe punishment any man who maintained a love or sexual relationship with someone of the same gender. On Friday, the Namibian authorities removed from the constitution two laws that prohibited the affective or carnal relations of homosexuals. Related: Namibia: Action on Desertification […]

Nigeria: Health Authorities Report Cholera Outbreak in the Big City of Lagos

More than 400 cases of cholera have been reported in Lagos state since the outbreak began

PAHO Reports Low Mortality From Dengue Cases in Latin America and the Caribbean

Experts consider that the increase in cases is related to the territorial expansion of the mosquito Aedes aegypti, its main vector, favored by climate change and phenomena such as El Niño.


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