World Leaders Condemn Trump’s Assassination Attempt at Campaign Rally

Presidents and leaders around the world have condemned and rejected the assassination attempt against former President and current Republican candidate Donald Trump in Butler county, Pennsylvania, USA. RELATED:Donald Trump Wounded After Shooting at Campaign Rally, Two Dead At Least “I have been briefed on the shooting at Donald Trump’s rally in Pennsylvania. I’m grateful to hear […]

25 Years of US Hybrid War Against Venezuela: An Interview With Vladimir Adrianza

When the Biden administration announced it was restarting dialogue with Venezuela last week, some journalists and analysts suggested that it might be a positive sign that the US government could recognize the results of the upcoming July, 28, presidential elections. In order to shed more light on this issue, I interviewed Dr. Vladimir Adrianza Salas. […]

Palestinian Resistance Accuses Milei of Justifying the Genocide in Gaza

The anti-occupation Palestinian resistance group, Hamas, accused the Javier Mile’s government of Argentina of having a “blatant bias” by declaring the Islamist group a terrorist organization, and justifying the “crimes of genocide” in the Gaza Strip. RELATED: Hamas Welcomes UN Security Council Resolution on Gaza “It is a clear attempt to justify the genocide and […]

Death Toll Rises to 13 After Hurricane Beryl Hit Houston, Texas

A balance of 13 deaths has caused Hurricane Beryl, now in tropical storm condition, passing through the region of Houston, Texas (southwest of the United States), as reported by the latest balance of the newspaper “The Houston Chronicle.” RELATED: 1.6 Million Houses Remain Impacted by Power Outages After Beryl’s Impact on Texas Although the media […]

Bernie Sanders Urges Support for Biden’s Candidacy Amid Withdraw Requests

Independent Senator Bernie Sanders, a prominent figure of the US political left, on Saturday urged support to the current US president and candidate for the re-election Joe Biden despite requests for him to withdraw over mental health concerns. RELATED: George Clooney Urges Biden to Drop Out of Presidential Race Sanders’ opinion comes amid steadily growing […]

Up to 90 Killed in Israeli Attack on Al-Mawasi, Southern Gaza Strip

The Ministry of Health of the Gaza Strip increased the death toll in the Israeli attack on the humanitarian area of Al-Mawasi in the southern Gaza Strip to 90 to eliminate the military leader of the Palestinian resistance group, Mohamed Deif. RELATED: Arab Countries Condemn Deadly Israeli Bombing of Humanitarian Zone The health agency said […]


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The Attorney General’s Office is conducting investigations to verify if the acts are connected with Colombian paramilitaries. On Friday, Venezuelan Attorney General Tarek William Saab provided details on the progress of the investigations that the authorities are conducting regarding the acts of sabotage against the electrical system organized by the Venezuelan far-right. RELATED: Venezuela To […]


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