Venezuela Rejects Hostile Attitudes of Guyana Regarding the Essequibo

Delcy Rodríguez reiterated that the Essequibo is from Venezuela and «this will be forever».

Gaza Strip: UN Official Denounced the Situation of Children

Lazzarini questioned the destruction of hundreds of schools and the halting of the school year in the enclave, which is home to more than two million Palestinians.

Yemeni People Once Again Take to the Streets in Support of Palestine

The demonstrators reiterated their permanent commitment to defending the Palestinian cause.

Explosion in a Building Leaves at Least Four Dead in Belgium

King Philip of Belgium will visit the site of the event this Friday to meet with victims and emergency services.

Malawi: Un Chief Asksed to Intervene in Probing Plane Crash

The party has listed three points for consideration, including declaration of the plane crash site as a crime scene, and "protection of the site from contamination through internationally delegated military personnel."

Rwanda: 113 Asylum Seekers Evacuated from Libya Received

The arrival of the evacuees from Libya came after Rwanda's angry response to UNHCR accusations that Kigali endangers asylum-seekers.


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