President Maduro Meets With Belarus PM

During the meeting, the parties of Belarus and Venezuela referred to agreements signed earlier between the two countries and spoke of new horizons for bilateral relations. On Monday, the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela received the Prime Minister of Belarus Román Golóvchenko, with whom he held a meeting in the midst of a […]

Bolivia Discovers Great Natural Gas Well in the West of the Country

The president stressed that this project places La Paz as a new hydrocarbon producing department.

S. Somalia: Armed Clashes Kill 4, Displace 42,000, UN

The OCHA said some calmness has been observed since July 8 as the armed clashes ceased, though tensions remain high.

Rwanda: Presidential and Parliamentary Voting Stars

On Sunday, Rwandans residing abroad cast their votes in 140 polling sites across 70 countries worldwide, according to the NEC.

Malawi & China: MoU on Health Cooperation Signed

According to Chaponda, the collaboration between the two institutions will enhance local capacity for treating critically ill pregnant women, and improve diagnosis and treatment of gynecological conditions.

Haiti: Customs Urged to Strengthen Fight Against Arms Trafficking

Recently, the AGD reported that a shipment of arms seized here came from the United States, a country considered to be one of those responsible for the trafficking of these weapons in the Caribbean country.


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