Israel Grants Increased Authority to Zionist Settlers for Violent Acts in the West Bank

Settlers have fired on Palestinian vehicles, searched cars, and used violence against West Bank residents.

Peruvian-Chinese Fraternity Day To Be Celebrated on February 1

This date coincides with the Chinese celebration of the Spring Festival and the start of the Lunar New Year. On Friday, the official Peruvian registry published a law declaring February 1st as the Day of Peruvian-Chinese Fraternity. RELATED: Peruvian Minister Apologizes for Downplaying Sexual Violence Against Indigenous Minors The new regulation, which indicates that this […]

Haiti: transitional PM promises ‘zero tolerance’ against corruption

Conille has announced the creation of committees and working groups that include civil society with oversight institutions to identify and implement the necessary reforms to fight against corruption

Rafah: Israeli Troops Attack Refugee Camps and Kill at Least 25 Civilians

"The entire city of Rafah is an area of Israeli military operations," Ahmed al-Sofi, mayor of Rafah, said today.

Cuba: The Influx of Tourism Increased by 103% in the Last 5 Months of 2024

Despite the high percentage, the island is on the verge of breaching its annual visitor target,

Deaths and Floods Have Left the Rainy Season in Guatemala

The deaths were due to landslides, floods, overflowing rivers and other incidents


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