President Putin Arrives in North Korea for the First Time Since 2000

Leaders will deliver a statement on the results of the meetings at a press conference.

Noam Chomsky’s Wife Denies the Writer’s Death

Valeria Wasserman, his wife since 2014, denied the news, stating that he is sick, however he HAS NOT DIED.

Jamaican government commits to strengthening border security

The government is implementing a robust strategy through policy development, legislative measures, and substantial investment in resources to fortify ministries, departments, and agencies directly involved in security operations. 

Zambia: Call to Tackle Global Challenges, Achievement of UN Goals

This year's event will also address critical issues, including major global shocks that have impacted the economies of many countries, including Zambia.

Namibia: Action on Desertification Urged, SADC PF

Desertification and drought, pose severe threats to human health and exacerbate forced migration while he highlighted the country's commitment to addressing desertification and land degradation.

Haiti: Electoral Process Expected to Be Complex

The issue of the electoral roll, as thousands of voters who were displaced by violence or simply left the country, has been raised.


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