Venezuela Repowers Itself as a Key Actor in Global Energy Stability

The Venezuelan oil industry revitalization occurs at a time when geopolitical events force the U.S. to reconsider its policies. The resurgence of Venezuela as one of the world’s leading crude oil producers makes this South American nation a key player in global energy stability given that its production contributes to the predictability of international price […]

President Maduro Delivered Hydrological Complex in Carabobo

‘Building projects like this one brings well-being and satisfaction to the people,’ the Venezuelan leader pointed out. On Thursday, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro handed over the Carabobo Battle hydrocomplex in Valencia, Carabobo state. RELATED: Venezuela To Decide Between War or Peace in the Presidential Elections: President Maduro This project, which covers 23 hectares and will […]

Bolivian Social Organizations March in Defense of Democracy

They aim to highlight the people’s strength and demand respect for their vote. From the early hours of Friday, thousands of citizens began a march in support of the government of President Luis Arce and Bolivian democracy. RELATED: Most Bolivian Parties Agree to Suspend Their Primary Elections They reject attempts to disrupt the constitutional order […]

Venezuela Hosts the FILVEN 2024 International Book Fair

This event’s primary goal is to promote cultural exchange between the Bolivarian nation and other countries. From July 11 to 21, the National Art Gallery in Caracas will host the 20th edition of the International Book Fair of Venezuela (FILVEN), with this year’s theme being “Reading Transforms.” RELATED: FILBO2024: Culture, Love for the Planet and […]

Scorching Heat Fuels Wildfires in the United States

A relentless heat wave broke temperature records, elevating the risk of wildfires across the country’s western region. On Thursday, the National Weather Service (NWS) issued its latest update stating that “dangerous and record-breaking” heat will continue for much of the West through the end of the work week. RELATED: Over 28,000 Evacuate as Fast-moving Wildfire […]

Poland, France, Germany, and Italy to Develop Long-Range Cruise Missile

Meanwhile, Hungarian PM Orban said that NATO must focus on winning peace rather than engaging in wars. On Thursday, Poland, France, Germany, and Italy announced that they will cooperate on a project to develop a long-range cruise missile. RELATED: China Strongly Opposes NATO’s Washington Summit Declaration The four countries’ defense ministers signed a letter of […]


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Previously, Colombian paramilitaries admitted to having been contacted by the Venezuelan far-right to trigger terrorist acts. On Thursday, Venezuelan Attorney General Tarek William Saab proposed to the Colombian Prosecutor’s Office a joint investigation into the relationship between Colombian paramilitaries and Venezuelan far-right groups interested in destabilizing the government of President Nicolas Maduro. RELATED: Who is […]


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