Joint Operation of Colombian Forces Allow the Arrest of Several Social Leader Killers

Operation Themis, led by Colombian military forces, issued arrest warrants for members of the country’s main armed groups, On Thursday, Colombian authorities arrested 52 people for the murders of social leaders and peace signers and among those arrested are 14 members of the Central General Staff (EMC), the main dissidence of the FARC, and 13 […]

Maria Corina’s Rusty Victim Facade Strikes Again

Another attempt to paint himself as a victim

Libya: Trans-Mediterranean Forum on Migration Issue

Chadian President Mahamat Idriss Deby Itno urged the development of solutions to irregular migration and the identification of its root causes, emphasizing the importance of addressing this issue while upholding human rights.

Kenya: Police Ban Protests in Central Nairobi

Acting Inspector General of Police Douglas Kanja, in a statement issued Wednesday evening, said authorities received credible intelligence that organized criminal groups were planning to take advantage of the ongoing anti-government protests to execute criminal activities.

Haiti: Unprecedented Sexual Violence Against Women, UN

A survey conducted by UN Women in the six most populous and diverse displacement sites in Port-au-Prince, the Haitian capital, confirmed that most camps lack lighting and locks in key areas such as sleeping quarters and bathrooms.

Gaza Strip: UN Agencies Forced to Cut Food Deliveries

The UN estimates that nine out of 10 Palestinians have been forced to leave their homes. Israeli orders to leave areas often classified as "safe" led to massive displacements at least once a month.


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