Former President Samper Warns of U.S. Dispossession in CITGO Case

«Little or nothing helps this financial assault to the electoral process that currently occurs in the neighboring country», he wrote. The former president of Colombia, Ernesto Samper, warned about the steps the United States has taken to strip Venezuela of an estate for 21 billion dollars. Related: US and the Right Seek to Steal CITGO […]

Gaza Strip: Israel Killed 151 Journalists and Media Workers

Last week, the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor accused Israel of making Palestinian journalists one of its main targets in Gaza.

French Justice Rejects Lawsuit for the Osorno Water Crisis

In 2019, a hydrocarbon spill contaminated the Osorno drinking water distribution network, affecting 100,000 Chileans. On Tuesday, the Paris Court of Appeal declared inadmissible the lawsuit filed by several human rights organizations against the multinational company Suez over the crisis that occurred in the city of Osorno due to contamination of the drinking water system […]

Kenya: East African Bloc Meets, Somalia’s Integration

Somalia's entry into the EAC will enable the country to benefit from the EAC's regional infrastructure projects, such as roads, railways and energy networks.

Ethiopia: 50 Aid Workers Lost Lives on Humanitarian Duty in 2024, WFP

In February this year, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA) said that since 2019, 46 aid workers have lost their lives in Ethiopia, of whom 36 were related to conflicts in northern Ethiopia.

Russia To Modify Its Military and Nuclear Doctrines

‘Nuclear deterrence plays a crucial role in our security system,’ Russian diplomat Ryabkov stated. On Tuesday, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov confirmed that his country has begun reviewing its military and nuclear doctrines to adapt them to new global geopolitical situations. RELATED: Russia’s Pacific Fleet Starts Military Exercises “The international situation shows a trend […]


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