Partial Distribution of Food Withheld by the Government in Argentina Begins

Demostrations in Argentine due to the lack of foods and the bad situation of the alimentation June, 2024 Photo: EFE

June 7, 2024 Hour: 2:43 am

Social organizations and soup kitchens mobilized in front of Congress to continue demanding the distribution of the rest of the food

The Ministry of Human Capital of the Government of President Javier Milei began the partial delivery of the 5,000 tons of food retained in state warehouses and intended for the most vulnerable population, after a judicial decision of the Federal Chamber made on the eve.


Argentine Court Presses Milei to Deliver Food Withheld

The hearing held with that body upheld the court order and the Government initiated the distribution of the powdered milk that was approaching the expiration date, so it is estimated that at least 465,000 litres will be lost.

About 48 percent of the milk powder will go to the province of Mendoza, with a governor allied with the Government; while the province of Buenos Aires, with 17 million inhabitants, will receive only one percent.

Given the fact, social organizations and soup kitchens mobilized in front of Congress to continue demanding the distribution of the rest of the food, because it is these bodies that are facing hunger.

As stated to teleSUR the general secretary of the Central de Trabajadores de Argentia (CTA), Hugo Yasky, it is the “typical political clientelism; the typical use of resources that has to be distributed equitably, according to the need and the number of inhabitants, to benefit friends”.

“It is really a slap in the face to the Argentines, an act that we can only describe as a real fraud to the public budget,” he said, cataloguing the government’s decision as a shame.

The member of Cooperativista Popular, Carolina Villalba, denounced that you can not buy coats, shoes or food to children. “If you buy two kilos of meat, you’re out of the co-op. We are in a total instance in which people have to go out into the street and repudiate and say enough, because we are having a hard time the poorest”.

Likewise, the head of a soup kitchen, Eva Gutiérrez, that food purchases were made last December, and the Milei government denied food for six months.

“We had absolutely nothing: no picnic areas, no milk, no food, nothing. We came to find out that they were in a warehouse,” he said.

The CTA called for a new demonstration next week in front of the National Congress, when the Bases Bill is discussed in the Senate, to demand the rights of Argentines.

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