Police Violently Attack Argentines During Protests Against Milei’s Reforms

Police attacking citizens in Buenos Aires, Argentina, June 12, 2024. Photo: X/ @AmarisAylaQba

June 13, 2024 Hour: 11:04 am

There has never been a paramilitary-type police operation like the one that is taking place, legislator Moreau denounced.

On Wednesday afternoon, the Argentine police harshly repressed thousands of citizens who were protesting against the Law of Bases and Starting Points for the Freedom of Argentines, which was approved by the Senate.


Argentine Senate Begins Debate on President Milei’s Reforms

This happened while the senators were voting on the bill presented by the far-right President Javier Milei, who seeks to reduce the size of the State, the regulatory capacity of public power, and privatize state assets.

“Police used water cannons to disperse protesters. Voting began after hours of debate. Thousands of protesters blew trumpets, grilled meat on small barbecues, and chanted against Milei as they converged in front of Congress in downtown Buenos Aires,” Euronews reported.

“Argentina has a long tradition of resistance in the streets to the most controversial laws,” the Spanish newspaper El Pais recalled, commenting that citizen indignation has also been expressed against the Bases Law, which grants the far-right president “tools to dismantle the State.”

The text reads, “The policeman breaks down at the young woman’s speech and leaves because he can’t look at her. Impressive.”

“‘The country is not for sale, the country is defended,’ sang thousands of people gathered in front of Congress, protesting against the law that the Senate approved… The square in front of Congress became the scene of a pitched battle. The Kirchnerist senators unsuccessfully asked to pause the session due to the street violence. So far there are at least 30 detainees and dozens of injured,” it added.

“We are experiencing a very violent situation. We have five colleagues hospitalized. We also have workers and people who were repressed, gassed, and kicked when they tried to approach Congress to demonstrate peacefully,” denounced Cecilia Moreau, a legislator from the leftist Union for the Homeland.

“Today the government is declaring war on Argentines. In the past, very controversial laws were approved but the authorities never implemented a paramilitary-type police operation like the one that is taking place,” she added, as reported by El Pais.

Instead of changing its attitude, however, the Milei administration accused the protestants of being “terrorists” who were attacking the normal functioning of Congress and trying to carry out a coup d’état.

Sources: EFE – EuroNews – El Pais

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