Spain to Respond With Dignity to Argentine President: Sanchez

May 20, 2024 Hour: 8:51 am

On Monday, Spanish President Pedro Sanchez regretted the offenses expressed by Argentine President Javier Milei and indicated that his country will respond in accordance with the dignity of Spanish democracy.


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Previously, on Sunday, Milei took part in an event organized by the Vox party in Madrid, where far-right leaders from various countries gathered to attack “Socialism,” which the Argentine president described as “a cursed cancer” that invites death.

“What a bunch of people clinging to power. Even when he has a corrupt wife, he takes five days to think about it,” Milei said, referring to Sanchez and his wife Begoña Gomez.

In response to these statements, Spanish Foreign Affairs Minister Jose Albares summoned the Spanish ambassador to Buenos Aires, Maria Jesus Alonso, and demanded an apology from the Argentine President.

Albares also requested the presence of the Argentine ambassador in Madrid, Roberto Bosch, to insist that Milei must apologize. If this does not happen, Spain might break relations with Argentina.

On Monday, the Spanish president said that Milei did not speak on behalf of “the great Argentine people” and emphasized that “affection is free, but respect is non-negotiable.” Therefore, he expects a retraction from the Argentine president before taking further action.

“The Spanish Government’s response will be in accordance with the dignity that represents Spanish democracy and the bonds of brotherhood that unite Spain and Argentina. What we experienced yesterday in Madrid does not reflect what Spaniards and Argentines feel,” Sanchez stressed.

“Spain and Argentina are two brother countries whose peoples love and respect each other,” he added, emphasizing that the far-right’s meeting represents a danger to societies that base their democracy on economic progress, social justice, and coexistence.

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