Argentine Court Presses Milei to Deliver Food Withheld

Argentine President Javier Miley, June 6, 2024 Photo: EFE

June 6, 2024 Hour: 8:07 pm

The Federal Chamber upheld a judge’s earlier ruling and ordered the Government to report on the quantities of food withheld and its immediate distribution.

In the midst of a food crisis, Chamber II of the Argentine Federal Chamber confirmed on Wednesday the order given by a judge to the Government of Javier Milei to report on large quantities of stored food that the Executive retains and has not delivered to soup kitchens or picnic areas, the timetable for its distribution as soon as possible and its future recipients.

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Federal judges Martín Irurzun, Eduardo Farah and Roberto Boico reiterated the order given by federal judge Sebastián Casanello for the Ministry of Human Capital to deliver the steps it will take with the 5.9 tons of food stored in Villa Martelli (north of Buenos Aires) and in Tafí Viejo (province of Tucumán), which includes products about to expire. They insisted that, if their decision was not complied with, the said ministry would incur the crime of disobeying a court order.

Casanello issued the order last Monday, but despite the food emergency, the minister of the sector, Sandra Pettovello, appealed his ruling and the case was analyzed in Comodoro Py, headquarters of the federal judiciary.

The scandal that the Milei government retains these foods was uncovered through a journalistic investigation, after which social leader Juan Grabois denounced Human Capital for withholding essential food in the midst of a severe food crisis, which violated the right to food of millions of people.
In appealing Casanello’s ruling, Pettovello asserted that Casanello’s decision constituted an undue interference of justice in areas not within its competence but of another State power.

The text reads,
We won the appeal. Life gives you surprises. Tell it however you want Pettovello, but you have 24 hours: I distributed the food. We, without fear, until there is no lack of bread on any table.
PS: welcome the sanction. There is no battle without wounds.

During the hearing to address the appeal, the judges said that state policies on food security issues are not under discussion, but whether or not there was illegal action by Milei officials that aggravated the catastrophic situation in which millions of Argentines find themselves.

The audience was attended by Grabois and the legal secretary of Human Capital, Leila Gianni, who attacked and crossed numerous insults. For this reason, judges Irurzun, Farah and Boico held offices with the Buenos Aires Public Bar Association and Human Capital to evaluate their conduct.

During this case, Minister Pettovello tried to divert public attention from her personal actions and blamed her friend and former Secretary for Children, Adolescents and Family, Pablo de la Torre, whom she later denounced.

The official has also blamed the government of Alberto Fernández for the purchase of these foods, claiming that irregular methods were allegedly used to acquire them.

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