Israeli Attacks Destroy Building in Civilian Neighbourhood in Lebanon

Smoke caused by the attacks of Israel, June 27,2024 Photo: @therealmindman

June 27, 2024 Hour: 4:53 pm

The attack took place on Wensday night, while residents slept in their homes.

On Thursday, at least 19 people were killed in an Israeli attack which created total destruction in a biplant family building in the Nabatieh region of Lebanon. The attack damaged homes, vehicles and people adjacent to the attack area.

Israeli Aggression Persists in Southern Lebanon

The attack took place on Wensday night, while residents slept in their homes. Explosive shells hit mainly the Masha neighbourhood, where the foundations of the buildings quickly collapsed.

Five people were injured, and as rescue efforts have progressed, the number of deaths from the air strike on a building in the Al Mashaa neighbourhood of Nabatieh city stands at 19.

Ambulances belonging to the Civil Defence, the Islamic Health Authority, the Islamic Message Scouts, the Red Cross and the Nabatieh Ambulance participated in the rescue efforts.

“The attack turned the surroundings of the attacked building into a real war zone, as clouds of smoke and dust covered the area and cries of help emerged from buildings and houses that were damaged and whose windows were broken, In addition to numerous cars in the neighborhood were damaged”, described local sources.

Israeli attacks have already become common in Lebanon, for example, on Monday, June 24, Israeli fighters besieged the Bekaa Valley in eastern Lebanon, while Civil Defense fire teams were working to extinguish a fire in the area.

In the same context, Israeli warplanes attacked the town of Khiyam and artillery shelled the area of Labouneh on the outskirts of the border town of Naqurah.

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