Colombian Vice President France Marquez’s Motorcade Attacked

Bullet Impacts caused by the attack to Francia Marquez, July 10, 2024 Photo: @elpaiscali

July 10, 2024 Hour: 10:30 pm

The vice president added that she was fulfilling another commitment of her agenda in Cali when her vehicle hit.

Another attack against the vice president of Colombia, France Marquez took place on Wednesday in Valle del Cauca, according to statements issued by the Colombian vice presidency.

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In this sense, France Marquez pointed out that “I have been informed by my security and protection team that the main vehicle of the vice-presidential caravan, in which I normally mobilize, was hit by a projectile, apparently from a rifle (…), which entered the vehicle without causing any injury to the occupants”.

Noting that the events occurred moments after leaving the municipality of Suárez, Cauca in the tour of what will be the new headquarters of the University of the Valley for the North of Cauca, the vice president added that he was fulfilling another commitment of his agenda in Cali. 

“This time we have nothing to regret, but I cannot fail to express my enormous concern for Cauca and the ongoing tension that my people are experiencing every day throughout the region,” the vice president insisted.

Oficial Comuniquee about the new attack to the Vice-president Francia Marquez in Spanish

Márquez said that “we came to bring the public university to Suarez and we will not give in to this effort for the future of our people”.

On the other hand, France Marquez asked the armed groups to silence the rifles, allow the Cauca to live in peace and that the University program in your territory advance.

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