Investigation Concludes Raisi’s Accident Not Result of Sabotage

May 29, 2024 Hour: 4:49 pm

On Wednesday, the General Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces published a second report on the accident, which led to the death of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi. The investigation ruled out the possibility of sabotage as the cause of the accident.


First Report of President Raisi Accident Comes to Light

“According to the samples and tests carried out on the remains and parts of the helicopter, the manner of its dispersion and the distances of the components separated from the main body, an explosion during the flight caused by sabotage was discarded”said the Army, the Mehr agency reported.

The Iranian Mayo State also ruled out the hypothesis of electronic warfare” against the aircraft, which was carrying the Iranian president and foreign minister.

Nor, they found “defects in the helicopter’s maintenance or repair documents”, over occupant load or communication failures between the pilots and the base.

In fact, the helicopter crew did not report anything abnormal in their communications that lasted up to 69 seconds before the accident.

The Army, however, said they are still investigating the weather situation and these data will be made public later.

The General Staff of the Armed Forces already published a preliminary report on 24 May in which it stated that no bullet holes had been found in the aircraft and it caught fire once it crashed, so they did not see any suspicious indications in the incident.

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