Houthi Rebels Attacks Six Ships Allied With Israel and West

May 29, 2024 Hour: 3:28 pm

The military spokesman of the Houthi rebels, General Yahya Sari, reported on Wednesday that they carried out 6 military operations in the Mediterranean, Red and Arabian seas.


People of Yemen Rally in Support of Palestine

In the Red Sea three operations were carried out, in the first the ship Laax was hit and suffered serious damage; in the second, the ship Morea was the target and in the third operation, the ship Sealady.

Sari claimed “The ship Laax was badly damaged after a direct attack on the Red Sea, as were two ships ‘MOREA’ and ‘Sealady”.

They also conducted two other military operations to attack the American ships Alba and Maersk Hartford in the Arabian Sea.

 The text reads, 

Statement by the Yemeni Armed Forces regarding the implementation of 6 military operations within the framework of the fourth phase of escalation that targeted 6 ships that violated the decision to ban access to the ports of occupied Palestine, including 3 ships in the Red Sea, 2 ships in the Arabian Sea, and a ship in the Mediterranean Sea – 5/29/2024 AD

The sixth operation targeted the warship Minerva Antonia in the Mediterranean Sea.

Through a statement, Sari highlighted the courageous resistance of the Palestinians and assured that Yemen will continue its military operations until the aggression and the siege of the Gaza Strip cease.

The Yemeni Armed Forces have carried out numerous pro-Palestinian attacks since 7 October, when the Israeli occupation started the war in Gaza, which has killed 36171 Palestinians.

Yemen announced in early May the fourth phase of its operations in support of Gaza and said it would attack all ships within its range bound for Israel.

Thus, the United States and its allies created a coalition to protect Israeli-linked vessels by bombing civilian targets in Yemen.

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