Havana to Host a Massive Protest Against the Gaza Genocide

February 29, 2024 Hour: 11:27 am

On Saturday, March 2, the International Assembly of Peoples called on Cubans to gather at Havana’s Jose Marti Anti-Imperialist Tribune to join global mobilizations against the genocide perpetrated by Israeli occupation forces in Gaza.


Israeli Forces Kill 104 Palestinians Waiting for Aid in Gaza

“In all provinces, we will also take to the streets in solidarity with the sisterly people of Palestine,” Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel said, condemning the holocaust Israel seeks to provoke in Rafah.

Representatives of social and political organizations such as Progressive International, ALBA Movements, and Pan-Africanism Today will be present at the mobilization in Havana.

“For months, the world has witnessed the unpunished genocide against the Palestinian people,” recalled representatives of the Union of Communist Youth, University Student Federation, Federation of Cuban Women, and Federation of High School Students.

Faced with this scenario, these organizations called on all Cubans to denounce the Israeli offensive in Rafah, which they compared to the actions the Nazis took against Jews in concentration camps.

“We are witnessing a new holocaust in the midst of the 21st century,” warned the young Cubans, who will take their protest to the front of the US Embassy in Havana.

In Nov, 2023, Cuban youths also called for a Pro-Palestine march, which garnered great popular support and the presence of high officials such as President Diaz-Canel.

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