Gaza Strip: Israel Leaves Damage to Civilian Infrastructure

April 17, 2024 Hour: 4:29 pm

On Wednesday, an official report stated that Israel’s attacks in Gaza using artificial intelligence have taken an unprecedented toll on civilian homes and services in the besieged territory.


Israeli Army Orders Residents in North Gaza to Evacuate

The report by independent UN experts claims that after six months of aggression, more civilian homes and infrastructure have been destroyed in the enclave than in any other conflict in living memory.

According to these estimates, 60 to 70 percent of all homes in the Strip, and up to 84 percent in the north, were totally destroyed or partially damaged.

The text warns that this systematic and widespread destruction constitutes a crime against humanity.

With Israeli government officials joining calls for Palestinians to leave the enclave and the occupying power to “retake Gaza” and resume settlement building, there is little doubt that Israel’s intention goes far beyond the purposes of military defeat, it asserts.

At the same time, the experts warned of the ostensible enthusiasm expressed by prominent former US government officials for “Gaza beachfront” properties.

“The homes have disappeared, and with them the memories, hopes and aspirations of Palestinians and their ability to realize other rights,” the paper adds.

Among other guarantees, the report mentions the right to land, food, water, sanitation, health, security and privacy – especially for women and girls – along with education, development, a healthy environment and self-determination.

The report was signed by independent experts serving on the UN Human Rights Council, including Francesca Albanese, Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

The signatories claimed that the losses are estimated at more than $18.5 billion, 97 percent of the total economy of Gaza and the West Bank.

More than 70 percent of this estimate is for housing replacement, while another 19 percent is the cost of civilian infrastructure, including water and sanitation, electricity and roads.

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Fuente: The Independent

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