Far-Right Encourages Violence in Venezuela: President Maduro

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, June 3, 2024. | Photo: X/ @PresidencialVen

June 4, 2024 Hour: 4:30 pm

The Bolivarian leader urging citizens to cultivate love, coexistence, solidarity, tolerance, and respect.

On Monday, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro warned that far-right forces seek to set violent scenarios similar to those created during the urban protests of 2014 and 2017.


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During his TV program “With Maduro +,” he recalled the murder of Orlando Figuera, a young Venezuelan who suffered second-degree burns inflicted by a violent mob.

“He became a symbol of fascist hate crimes. In 2017, they incited that hatred and now they want to bring it back to Venezuela so that we face off and kill each other. The far-right’s main bet is this violence-generating hatred,” Maduro said.

“Crimes like that of Orlando Figuera must never be repeated. Fascism with its hatred can never return,” the Bolivarian leader emphasized, urging Venezuelan citizens to cultivate “love, coexistence, solidarity, tolerance, and respect.”

Maduro asked King Felipe VI and Spanish President Pedro Sanchez to hand over those involved in Figuera’s death to Venezuelan authorities for prosecution.

“The Attorney General’s Office has requested them multiple times. I ask the head of state, the head of government, and the judicial authorities of Spain to hand over to Venezuelan justice the fascists who burned alive and murdered Figuera,” he said.

The text reads, “Orlando Figuera was murdered by terrorists from the Venezuelan fascist coup plotters led by Leopoldo Lopez, Antonio Ledezma, Julio Borges, and Maria Casilda Machado (aka Sayona). Today his murderers are protected by the European Union.”

The Bolivarian leader also warned that right-wing opposition candidates are disguising their true intentions to capture votes in the July 28 elections.

“During election times, they try to disguise themselves as dialogue-friendly and democratic individuals… Let’s uncover who is wearing such a disguise. Who among them has the ability to take the reins of the country and propose a genuinely pro-people program?,” the Venezuelan president asked.

“The far-right agitates against me because they know Maduro is not a weak man or a manipulable puppet. They know Maduro was forged in struggle and had Hugo Chavez as his mentor.”

During the television program aired on Monday, the Venezuelan President also mentioned Claudia Sheinbaum’s victory in the presidential elections held in Mexico.

“It was a resounding triumph. The left crushed the far-right and guaranteed peace in Mexico. Their victory points towards a progressive direction and consolidates the advance of leftist forces in Latin America and the Caribbean. It’s a great victory,” Maduro said.

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